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RuneQuest III Logo This is something of an intermediate stage. When my current programming project is finished, I plan to start work on a RQ character generator for Windows. No timescales, sorry. Meantime, here's my rather old suite of DOS programs for RQ characters, etc. All are based in the RuneQuest III system.

Program Function
RQ.EXE Character generator (uses data files, included)
RQARM.EXE Select armour pieces, calculate costs, weights and armour values.
RQBATRD.EXE Allows two or more units of RQ troops to be fought on a battlefield.
RQCOM.EXE Another mass combat system
RQENCH.EXE Tally up the MP and POW requirements, and the cost of having an NPC create, for enchanted items.
RQLOOT.EXE Use the (admittedly rather unsatisfactory) treasure systems from RQIII to create hoards of loot.
RQRABBLE.EXE The star of the show. Create and save random character-per-line lists of troops at variable levels, with (adjustable) random weapons, shields, missiles, armour and stats. When you want a band of thugs quickly, this is the tool to use!
RQSPELL.EXE Allows selection from the common spell lists, the results can then be saved as a text file or appended to a RQL file created by RQ.EXE (see above)
SPIRIT.EXE Very noddy Spirit Combat, assumes two characters slug it out until one drops.
STORM.EXE Create characters, demons and elementals for the Stormbringer game, and also the more powerful demons for the Elric! game which succeeded it.

Download RQ Software
RQ Software Suite for DOS (770k)