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HexMap is a Visual Basic 6 program which reads a file containing subsector information and displays a pukha subsector map. It runs best on an 800x600 display, and can print snazzy starmaps in several formats (my favourite is a landscape sheet with the listing and map side by side).

It can also generate random subsectors with a wide variety of customizable parameters.

HexMap displays detailed UWP explanations, can cope with a 640x480 screen display, and reads, allows notes editing for and prints the data files used by Jim Vassilakos' Galactician program. If you haven't got this brain-burnngly good piece of Traveller freeware, run - don't walk - to his site as listed above, and go get it!

Starting from version 6.3x, Hexmap now allows editing of most of the fields for each world. An HTM version of the ARP save format is now created as well, making it a snap to produce subsectors for the web.

Release notes with the list of new features can be found here, and are included in the ZIP files.

(2/6/02) HexMap v6.4 full Install Kit (2.5mb)
HexMap EXE only. If you have VB6 software already installed this should work. If it doesn't - download the full install kit above. . (2/6/02) HexMap v6.4 .EXE only update (97kb)
I've provided some basic common sectors to get you started; Corridor, Deneb, Reft, Riftspan Reaches, the Solomani Rim, and the Spinward Marches. The data varies in historical placement but most is 1106-1110 sort of period. . HexMap ARP data files (95kb)
If you have Windows 95, rather than 98, NT, 2000 or ME, I don't recommend you use the above version! Use this older version instead.... . HexMap VB3 version (296kb)