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The lathe was originally the property of the father-in-law of a neighbor, Jenny. He used it until he retired 12 years ago. Since then it has been in a cellar, until the time came when he decided to sell up and move into a retirement home.

Word got around, and it was offered to Lizzie, word of whose woodcrafting activities is getting around. With a glance at me for the technicalities, she accepted like a shot..

With the aid of the redoubtable Felix, Miranda got it dismantled and loaded into a car, and dropped at Mum and Dad's house where there's room in the workshop for it.

Several large lumps of metal, a wooden cabinet onto which it was once mounted, and three drawers filled with sawdust and assorted very old and odd-looking bits arrived, followed later by some other large components which may at this stage be a mangle, a photocopier and a goldfish slicer. Maybe not. I'm not even sure what the 12 functions are. Snooze alarm seems unlikely. Tea-making? Possibly.

Spreading the major components out on the garage floor, we retreated to consider the next move.

I hope to get this wondrous contraption up and working again, or as much of it as I can noddle out. Ideally, I'd like to restore it to something approaching its' original steampunk glory. Will we make it? Time will tell.

26th November 2016 Once More into The Breach
15th November 2015: More Painting, with Gold
2nd November 2015: Cleaned and painted banjos, long T-Rest
19th October 2015: First spin up and cut of some wood
15th October 2015: First paint colour test




13th September 2015 and ongoing...