More Painting


The cleaning and painting process is proceeding slowly for all sorts of reasons. Apart from simple time constraints, the scouring to clean the pieces is hard work on the hands (hopefully also good grip-strength training!), the pieces are complex enough that it's often impossible to paint all of one in one go, and the temperature in the workshop is low enough that the paint is taking a long time to dry.

Tailstock, painted

None the less, we're getting along. I managed to completely dismantle the saddles for cleaning (one at a time so I can refer to a complete one while reassembling - I'm cautious). Here's a Before and After.

The tailstock was a classic example; very heavy, and difficult to balance with minimum contact. It's taken ages to get this painted. It also took ages to re-assemble the latch that secures it to the main bar (the bit at the bottom with the black knob on the end) - it was only when I belatedly remembered I'd photographed it after dismantling that I realized I was trying to put it back wrong. Doh.


The biggest bit in this batch was the legs/frame from the RH end of the main bar. This turned out to have some cast lettering on the end, so Lizzie pitched in to pick that out in shining gold.

Well, actually, Humbrol Brass 54, because we hadn't the Gold and the brass actually looked better anyway.

The artist at work

Letters of Gold

She didn't want to be photographed doing this particularly, search me why, both it and she look great! It needs a second coat to do the job properly.

The corresponding piece at the other end has "Major" cast into it, and we'll give that the same treatment.

15th November 2015