Clout Arrows

Clouting Arrows; May 2014


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Data Sheets

Only for the obsessively interested; these are the checklist for the build, and the grid of weighings and balancings.

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10 (1)   Clout shooting is a bit different to target shooting; it involves trying to drop your arrows from the sky as close to a little flag as possible. So far my forays into this have had my arrows dropping around 20 yards short, and in an attempt to sort this I am building some special arrows. These will be "barrelled" - thinner at the ends than the middle - and have low-profile fletchings all to reduce weight and wind drag. Hopefully...   Most of the manufacturing steps are identical to the Spring Dragons chronicled elsewhere, so I won't repeat myself. This page will list what's different and (probably) what went wrong!   My target arrows are Dragons, but Clout arrows plunge from above to strike (hopefully) the target, so they'll be birds of prey, and these first ones are the Falcons.