Some Time Passes

Keeper Note: This page summarizes events between the two halves of the campaign.

Clemens Park and Elsewhere, England, November 1940 - February 1941

After leaving Isfahan, the agents of Section M made their way across Persia to Tehran, where (rather to Birapeer's annoyance) the Wellington Bomber on which they had arrived from India turned out to have moved on to its' true destination, leaving them to take a cramped cargo flight to Gibraltar and a hastily-arranged berth on a Navy Cruiser to Southampton.

England was slipping into winter when they arrived, which after India and Persia was something of a cold and wet shock.

The Cup of Yima was carefully stored at Clemens Park along with the other recovered pieces of the Palladion - the Aten Life Giver and the Agneya Weapon of Flame. Each of the agents was extensively debriefed and the various artefacts and documents they had brought back examined carefully by Section M's experts.

Books from the house of Bihari Abdekar

Three books were recovered from the house of the politician and Chaugnar Faugn cultist Bihari Abdekar; "Secrets of the Deep Ones" (concerning a race of underwater humanoids unfamiliar to the agents) and "The Blades of Durga" (which looked like some kind of personal combat manual), both in Hindi, and "The Tau of the Elephant", in Ancient Greek, which appeared to be a copy of a book written for Alexander III of Macedonia - otherwise known as Alexander the Great.

Unsubstantiated rumours pointed to some kind of alliance between the Deep Ones and Black Sun, but no evidence had completely confirmed this.

These were left in the possession of the agents for their reference.

SS Degen

Professor Richard Deadman

Black Degen

The two black metal swords carried by the Canon and Master of the Black Sun were examined by Professor Deadman and by Section M's Master at Arms, Lionel "Sir" Percival. No example of either had ever been captured before, and both were pretty sure that there was some kind of enchantment on them. There were slight differences in the untranslatable runes on each.

Until used for real, neither man could be sure what they would do. They were passed back to the agents who had claimed them, after the SS emblems had been carefully removed, with a clear implication that the wielders would have been warned if anything unpleasant happened.



The Totenmesser (knives made from die Toten blades) were similar but lesser weapons to the degen, made of some kind of black steel and originally grafted to the horrific undead creatures as claws. Cut from their corpses after the battle at Marabin, several had been converted into fighting daggers. Deadman was fairly sure that some kind of dark magic lurked in these blades as well, but without seeing them used, could not be sure what form it might take.

Each agent was issued with one of the completed weapons.

Mauser C96 'Broomhandle' Pistols

Mauser C96 'Broomhandle'

These had been recovered from the Canon and Master of the Black Sun. The Mauser 'Broomhandle' was the world's first automatic pistol, designed using a now-archaic 10-round internal box magazine loaded from clips. Its name came from the rounded wooden grip. The rather overlong barrel gave it considerable accuracy and the adjustable sights allowed best use of that. The weapon took the rather unusual 7.63x25mm Mauser round, not found in any other weapon; it could be shot from a 7.62mm weapon at reduced power but 7.63mm weapons could not take the more powerful 7.62mm round.

These examples, though not made of the same black metal as the Black Sun blades, were extremely well-made precision weapons.

Return To Unit

The skills available to the agents were too valuable to waste, and while the experts at Clemens Park worked on their next move for Section M, most were assigned out to put those skills to use.

Curl Up with a Good Book

Two books had come out of Persia with the agents; Bertrand Lane's Diary and the Journal of Canon Victor Spiegel. The journal of the deceased French archaeologist Bertrand Lane chronicled his excavation at the Hill at Marabin and his unwise replication of the killing method of the aereomanius; and his descent into insanity after. The Journal was the personal diary of an insane Canon of the Black Sun, badly damaged by gunfire, explosives, Byakhee claws and bloodstains. After much reconstruction, it revealed some interesting information on Black Sun and its workings.

Over the intervening time, those who had chosen to read the blasphemous and troubling books now available to the group put in some serious studying. The results were as follows:

Back in the Saddle

After several weeks, Viscount Towton's report on their missions to date was reacted to by the various organizations from whom the agents had been seconded, and as well as official commendations, the following notifications were received:

Pay backdated to secondment where relevant. Those not previously serving in the military were advised, off-the-record, that they'd better not try throwing their ranks around trying to command operational troops not assigned to Section M.

And then, at 09:04 on 4th February 1941, the team found themselves gathered once more in the briefing room at Clemens Park, with coffee or drinks to hand and the smoking light lit, and Viscount Alec Towton uncovering some maps and sketches for them to look at....

Session Date: 2018