Interesting Times

If you've clicked onto this page then I assume its because you either play RPG's or is was a mistake.

It all started many years ago (arghhhh) well its true, when I was a long haired spotty git at college I met Foz & was introduced to the world of gaming, at the time it was pretty basic stuff, D&D, room, monster, runaway, but undeniably good fun. Twenty seven years on (arghhhhh) I'm still playin' with dice, funnily enough so's Foz & a couple of other mates from way back then.

Along the way we've tried a few systems but generally come back to AD&D, Runequest & Traveller although in recent years I've stuck with Cyberpunk & Runequest. GURPS came & pretty much went, Bushido was good for a while, Cathulu & Stormbringer had their time, Warhammer never came close & as for Tunnels & Trolls & Bunnies & Burrows, well, enough said.

Anyway for your perusal the current games I chair have been written up in the remote likelihood that somebody might be interested, & if nobody is, well at least I learnt a bit about Dreamweaver.

Sundered Realm

Guns for Hire


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