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OK, so I really, really, really like zombies, be it film, book, games, graphic novels etc.

It's nothing sexual, it's just about the whole zombie apocalypse itself, after all who could love a dead thing? well maybe Mr James 'I can fix it for you' Saville for one, but probably best if we don't go there, admit to this one & you're going to find yourself going down a path it's best not to tread, plus, it might also make your willy drop off assuming you're a geezer, eek, what if you're a girlie !

Anyway I digress, as said it's about the big picture, you & your fellow survivors against, well, everything really, the government, big brother, your neighbours (bastards) & yes the walking, crawling, creeping undead - did I mention the bastard neighbours ?

I have to add that I'm also pretty keen on the whole monster, alien & other related undead related night stalking freaks, i.e. vampires, ghouls, Cthulhu & werewolves etc in general but in the main it's zombies & their ilk that top the pile whether they're your classic lumbering Romero zombie or the rabid & frenzied zombies of Danny Boyle in "28 Days Later" or all things in-between, who could forget the frankly brilliant "Shaun of the Dead" or the fantastically made (if not true to the graphic novels) for television series "The Walking Dead"

Of course zombies don't just have to be on film; there are some cracking books out there whether it be Max Brooks's "World War Z" (excellent book, not so good film), Thomas Emson's "Zombie Britannica" or Dr Robert Twomby's graphically bloody field notes, "A Record of the Year of Infection"

To be honest I can't keep up with the number of zombie flicks that are now being churned out, it seems like every time I sneak at look on the internet there's another half full of zombie films crying out to purchased (I do have an unofficial rule that I don't buy unless I can get the film including postage for 3.00 or under, this at least helps to curtail my blood lust) at the moment there's maybe thirty films on my "to buy" list & this doesn't include, vampyre, werewolf or alien murdering scum, & no matter how many I buy it seems like there's at least two to add to the list.

I should say at this point that whilst you can't beat a ravening monster flick I don't do torture for the sake of torture films, I include in this the likes of Hostel & Saw, I just don't see the point, films are meant to be about telling a story, escapism, the survival of humanity. Torture films on the other hand are just about watching some being hurt for the sake of being hurt, mini rant over.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this page, maybe it'll be about my favourite / least favourite zombie / vampyre / werewolf / monster / alien film / book / graphic novel / cartoon or maybe it won't, guess we'll find out when we get there.

In the meantime don't forget to check under the bed, close the wardrobe door, make sure the lights work, lock the doors & close the windows when you go to bed tonight, you never know what might be looking for a midnight intestine or two.

So where do we go from here ?

NO I here you shout, not the infamous & terrible chorus to Nick Hayward/Haircut 100's 1982 classic 'Love Plus One' (which was in fairness actually 'where does it go from here')

Or the more appropriately worded but equally obnoxious track from the most appalling episode of Buffy ever made (yes I've bloody got them all on DVD) Sixth Season, Episode Seven when Joss Whedon felt it necessary to write an appalling musical episode (his first & worst attempt but regrettably not his last) in which the whole Buffy cast sings 'Once More With Feeling' the chorus of which is 'so where do we go from here'

For that matter it's not even the terrible 1945 romantic musical comedy 'Where Do We Go from here ?' or African-American Minister, Nobel Peace Prize, Laureate & social justice Martin Luther King, Junior's 1967 book 'Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community or for that matter his address of August 1967 to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Nor indeed is it in fact any of the other dozen plus tracks or books entitled 'Where do we go from here' that spring to the forefront when you are trying to find out when the tussled topped spotty faced Nick Hayward inflicted Haircut 100's terrible haircuts upon us (see what I did there) & you finally realise that for all those years since 1982 that you've been trying to forget the stupid bloody lyrics you've actually been humming the wrong bloody lyrics anyway. No, it was just a simple statement along the lines of bloody hell, I've started writing this now what the fuck do I write next ?

(Who'd have believed it was also the title of a Christian metal band Pillar's 3rd album in 2004, honestly it's fucking endless)

So, I say again - Where do we go from here ?

OK, this is going to get more messy than I intended but then I'm a messy sort of dude, below are page links, we've got Zombies, Vampires & Werewolves plus Monsters, Aliens & (Nearly) Everything Else as this covers anything else I want it to, sounds like a plan to me.

Obviously the lists below aren't exactly comprehensive lists of all the films I've ever watched or own for that matter, for a start I've got a crap memory & have (probably - if my memory was any better I'd know) forgotten most of them.

What it is is a list of those films currently on the shelves at Aimo Towers that I'm guilty of buying & in some cases are completely ignored, disregarded or treated with contempt by those other members of Aimo Towers who think I should get out more.

There are numerous other films on the various shelves dotted about Aimo Towers that involve murder, death, explosions, magic &, worst of all, kissing that don't fall under the categories listed so for the purpose of this page they are ignored because they don't include Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Aliens, Monsters & nearly Everything Else (everything else being the category for films that I think should be in one of these lists but isn't - works for me)

So without further ado:



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