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I love these guys. The basic concept is to illustrate a player-character not as the player dreams, but as their equipment list reads. I've acquired three of these over the years. The top one is the newest, from the Reaper pile and painted in acrylics. The finish is intentionally "cartoony" to allow a contrast between the various items to show them up. Love the chicken!

The second is a Citadel Miniatures lead, from way back, done in enamels. His bucket-and-spade are kinda cute, and he's got "everying including the kitchen sink". Like the Reaper chap he has a frying pan, but he has an egg burned onto his. He also has a suitably long-suffering expression.

The last one is one I created myself, from a very ho-hum figure of a one-legged beggar, adding some equipment from a variety of sources - figures with optional weapons, Airfix Napoleonic soldier bags for his pack, and a shield from an Airfix Roman (he wasn't using it). This figure perhaps illustrates the eventual fate awaiting all overloaded player characters - loss of limbs!