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What's the Flog?

I've been gaming and painting figures since 1983, and Airfix kits before that back to the early 1970s.

Having taught both my daughters to play, Lizzie and Steve Mudd persuaded me to move away from a lifetime's partnership with Humbrol Enamels and onto acrylics. This took a bit of getting used to...

Recently, Reaper ran a Kickstarter to get back into the market with a new type of flexible resin figures, and having liked their figures before I punted a few dollars their way. Apparently, so did half the planet, and as a result the expansion rewards added up to a whacking great box of terrific figures (I still keep calling them "leads" in my head)

They're great; flexible and light, but cut cleanly with a sharp blade, glue well with superglue, and bent weapons are easily (and permanently) straightened with boiling water.

Painting these has been more fun than you can shake a stick at, and some of the acrylic colours - especially the metallics - are just gorgeous. So, I decided to post a figure painting blog, or FLog for want of a better word, to chronicle the process of painting and using them.

In some respects, this is as much a chronicle of discovery in photography as in painting, because learning to take decent pictures of the things is as much a challenge as painting them!

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