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Monsarana, Half-Orc Paladin


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Paladins. Plate-armoured champions of Good and Light; blonde, fair of face,human, male. Or maybe not.

Monsarana is a character from the Alair Ladies' Night campaign, a mixture of NPC and sometime PC for my sister-in-law. Half-orc, part-celestial, Monsarana is a living denial of the usual stereotype of a half-orc. As a paladin of Aderra she has been tasked with collecting a favour owed that wise goddess by the party, which in itself may prove a test of her faith!

A return to really really tiny brushes here, with a 2/0 used for the detailing. The photo doesn't really do it justice I'm afraid.

This is her corresponding Poser render. Not quite the same, but the figure is close enough to tell it's her at the table.