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This is my character in Chappie's Iron Realms campaign. Domfront is a paladin of the Lord of Fire, a rather more elemental deity than usual for paladins, and great fun to play - a mix of dribbling fanatic hero and raving pyromaniac. I dipped into the Paladins section of the Reaper miniatures, and the first one out was this - a paladin with a burning sword. Perfect...!

Domfront is, again, more of a cartoony paint job than a realistic layers and drybrushed shades one. His hair was mixed, something I don't often do, and the armour and shield are drybrushed with gold. The flames are drybrushed. Other than that he's simple colours so's to be nice and clear.

His sword is actually straight, but in this pic he's been in a box for transit and the memory plastic is still straightening out.

Chappie and all his players detest figures and battlemats - even a sketchmap is rare - so he doesn't actually get used in play. I just take him along to remind me who I'm being, and to be aggravating.