Some Assembly Required

Before changing anything - document it. So the next stage here is to photograph it all.

The motor assembly, with the drive band looped across two pulleys at random. The cylinder centre bottom appears to be the Riving Knife Extension Piece. I'm fairly sure the Riving Knife Bracket is in one of the drawers. I'm not totally sure what a Riving Knife does though. Wikipedia has some guidance.

The boxy thing bottom right is probably the Saw Arm and Saw Arm Extension Piece. The Saw Table should mount onto that, and the saw blade onto the end of the main spindle, roughly in the centre.

This pulley on the other end of the motor is for one of the other attachments, possibly the Bandsaw, which we don't seem to have.


Another shot of the Riving Knife Extension.

This piece seemed a dead cert to attach here, so I bolted it on. As far as I know, it's for resting the chisel on as one moves it into contact with the workpiece. The manual refers to it as a Tee Rest (though I don't think it'll hold a brew myself) supported by Banjos (dingadingading ding ding). Wikipedia's never heard of one, so I'm on me own so far, but at least I think I have it in the right place.

Again consulting the manual, what we seem to have here is the Drive Centre (the milled cylinder nearest to the motor, and fitted into it a large chuck. The book shows no chuck, and a flat bored plate called (sensibly enough) a Face Plate. I'm pretty sure I have at least one and possibly two of those.

The polishing wheel here was bolted into the chuck and was of such a shape that I had one stang of a time getting a chuck key into it (and I had to go get one first). Finally (25th September) I managed to get it off. Not yet sure how to dismantle the chuck from the drive centre, but then I have only the haziest idea how to attach a piece of wood to it for turning anyway.

This one's nice and easy, it's the safety guard from the saw table. As both my workshop and Dad's have saw tables, this attachment isn't a high priority; more of restoration challenge. Shame, though, as I actually understand saw tables.

The main bed of the saw table. Looks basically OK. The mitre fence is missing, but mine may fit it; it'll be a while before we're ready to try that.

The rip fence, unlike pretty much every other component, appears to be made of a very light alloy or aluminium. This is incongruous, and I suspect it may be a replacement.

So far, I am not at all sure what this piece is. It's a crap photograph though. It may be the Thicknessing Attachment.

This is the planer attachment, and despite being completely bereft of its' original red paint, appears in very good condition. It's currently missing the drive pulley and belt, and an extension bar similar to that I've discussed above as being for the Riving Knife. I may have mixed them up.

I am rather more interested in getting the Planer working than the saw table, because we don't have one and it sounds a really useful device.m

This is the Slot Mortiser, which I think cuts slots in things, perhaps for tabs to fit into. I gather the survival of the plastic handle grips is quite fortunate.

The first drawer of Stuff. Several wheels and cutters for the chuck, and a spare chuck which may be handy in trying to work out how to remove the other chuck. Some Really Big Spanners.

Second Drawer of Stuff. What looks like the Riving Knife Bracket is in here, as well as all sorts of possibly useful little bits. I'll need to get them out, clean 'em up, and spread them out so I can pick through them as I find things missing.

Next we find a splendid fitted wooden box with these chromed accessories. Though they look like motorbike handlebars, I think they're pivoting cutters for the bowl turning attachment (which I think we don't got). They're in good nick but a couple of bits are missing.

They do come with instructions!

Three chisels came with the lathe, good-quality looking tools of really impressive dimensions. Need a bit of cleaning but basically OK

These, I think, may be long hole boring attachments. Perhaps. Um.

One of these is the main Face Plate referred to above, though I'm not sure which yet. Hopefully one is the pulley for the planer.

20th September 2015