Research and Information

OK, so what's the first thing we do when we need to know about something these days? Yep, hit the internet.

Click it for larger image!

Click it for larger image!

A bit of Googling produced some interesting and hopefully useful information, not limited to illustrations of what it looked like when new.

Certainly, there's a lot more to this thing than turning pieces of wood. It's more like a swiss army knife!

A little more rummaging turned up pure gold, a site called Boleyn Workshop. This emerged as a website written by a man called Pete Baker who specializes in restoring old woodworking equipment. Bingo, I thought.

As of this evening (Sept 13th 2015) he has emailed to confirm he has the manual for our patient, and can do me a digital copy for a few quid; which may save me many hours of puzzlement!

Of especial interest was this section, wherein a reader has actually restored the same machine as we have here! Apart from anything else, this shows what colour the original was, a lovely deep red; some of the less used parts of ours are still that colour. I hope to match that colour and repaint later on.

Update, October 4th 2015

A little exploration of my late father's marvellous and eclectic library turned up this book, which appears aimed squarely at my level (heard the word, might have some gear, no idea how to proceed).

A quick page through was enough to gain the knowledge of what I needed for the ends of the turning area; I intend to read the whole thing before attempting to run the machine up and try turning wood.

Simple terminology, nice clear labelled diagrams, clear photographs, fantastic.

13th September 2015