With a bit of spare time on a Saturday, I brewed tea and cleared the workshop to tackle this.

First I lugged the main structure up onto the cupboard and rummaged out some bolts to reattach it (all the originals being, er, somewhere else. Later it emerged Lizzie had stored them seperately during the cleaning stage, doh). 

Hoist Hup La!

Assembly so far

Next I discovered I can't lift the motor assembly, so I broke out and used the engine hoist Dad bought me for Christmas 1988 when I had a motorbike with a seized engine, and never used. Using some welded-link chain and a screw karabiner, I rigged a sling, and hauled the motor up, rolled the lathe underneath, lowered it down, clunk - into place.

Came to unfasten the sling and it disintegrated, exciting, could have been a flat Foz there.

Again, I sourced a replacement bolt to secure the motor assembly rotation, then used the REALLY BIG SPANNER it came with to bolt the pintle on. It felt really good to be using REALLY BIG SPANNERS again. 

Rigged the drive belt onto the pulleys, at a guess, several options there for various speeds. Also tentatively identified the wooden thing with two fittings as the shelf you lean the chisel on (there are probably proper names for all these things which I'll learn later) so I bolted that on.

Had I remembered the wiring diagram Miranda had sent me I could have run 'er up, but that was enough for one day. 

12th September 2015