Powering Up, v1

Having located the wiring diagram and Evernoted it to my phone, I was ready for a try at powering up.

Closeup of the Wiring

Carefully threaded the cables in, retwisted the ends and wound them around the bolts (the right way, natch!). I then bolted up to hold the wires in, and attached the earth to the casing somewhere. I don't think it matters much where that goes. Thank Zark for RCD breakers! Fortunately the cover and bolts were there to go over it.

Moment of truth time. Heart in mouth, I plugged in and pressed the "on" button. With a deeply satisfying rumble, the chuck and other gubbins started to revolve, various bits rattling a bit and occasionally hiccuping as the belt slipped (it looks a bit perished, not sure about the belt!) Meanwhile I was chanelling Anakin Skywalker and his pod-racer, yelling "It's working! It's worrrkkkiiinngggg!!" fortunately to no-one.

So far, so good. Roughly, this is back to where it was before it was dismantled. Now comes the interesting bit; restoring and re-attaching all the other components.

It's Working!

13th September 2015