Trees for Wargaming; October 2023
20231001 162826  This is a build of a set of based trees for wargaming and skirmishing. The 6 on the left are newly obtained from a doll's house and minituaria show, as are some of the basing materials 20231001 164932  My collection of hole saws came from my late father in law, one way or another - thanks, Keith! Nice thin plywood discs, smooth with sandpaper. 20231001 164544  Use a Stanley knife to make indents for the stubs at the bottom, then glue 'em on with Superglue. Superglue accelerant is a truly wonderful thing! Start with the small ones, so you leave room for them when the big ones go on. Wee bit of scrap paper over the centre hole. 20231001 165625  Pre mixed filler for contours; I'll be basing these so no point trying to sculpt it. You spend your whole life spreading spludge with a butter knife, so what better for doing it on bases?
20231001 170838  Splash of superglue and some rocks (two steps outside the garage and a handful, one of the benefits of buying a house with a gravel path. The small stuff is from the show. That's it for today, leave it all to dry properly. 20231002 111457  Slightly watered PVA spread on top of the filler, and around the stones and tree bases 20231002 111549  Into the sand! Very fine sand 20231002 112657  Leave to dry. May be a couple of days, that was a lot of PVA and the filler was kinda soft still. Need another heat-wave!
20231003 132456  Once dry, paint generously; I've used Gore Grunta Fur for this one, to get a dark earth colour. Don't sweat too much if there's the odd poke-through of white filler. Try and miss the rocks though 20231003 141248  Under the curing lamp for a quicker drying time 20231004 114501  My favourite basing grass. 20231004 114610  Apply random smears of PVA to the base, ideally roughly where grass would grow
20231004 114454  Dunk the bases under the grass for a minute or so, then shake them off back into the tray 20231004 114545  Leave to dry again 20231004 180919  Add a smaller pattern of glue on top of the grass for the 'dried leaves'. By the smell of it, this is largely herbs! 20231004 181648  Barring a blast of varnish to hold it all on a bit better, done; two spinneys and two single trees. The singles may need mounting on a washer as they're still a little wobbly.