Bulk Carrier

CRAFT ID:Bulk Carrier TL: 13 MCr81,876.447 (Merchant)
HULL:450000/1125000, Displacement=500000, Config=4U, Armour=40F (0), Loaded=2,721,078.72, Unloaded=-1,674,224.49
POWER:10000/20000, Fusion-D=1,350,000.Mw Duration=720hrs/30 days Extended Endurance=720hrs/30 days No scoops Purifiers; whole tank in 24 hours No EM Mask
 ExtEnd excludes: (0g)
DRIVES:Jump=1 9000/18000, No avionics Maneuver=1G 9000/18000 Agility=0
Radio-Plnt x 2
Meson-FarO x 2
A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 2
P-EMS (IntStlr) x 2
Hi-Dnst-D (100m) x 2
Neutrino-D (100 Kw) x 2
WEAPONS:5000 hardpoints; 0 occupied; batteries bearing 50 %
Missile magazine: HE= Total=0 missiles. 1 b/r=0 missiles
CONTROL:Computer=Model 2/bis x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 354480 Backup computer=Model 1/fib x 3 Lge holo x 2 HUD holo x 5 Basic Env(heat/light Basic LS (air/water) Ext LS (food/recyc) Airlock x 5000 Grav plates Inertial Comp
CREW:Crew=2812 Bridge=80 Engineering=1089 Flight=20 Maintainence=928 Command=352 Medical=120 Steward=223 High=1000 Mid=500 Low/Frozen=2000
ACCOMMODATION: Passenger SR x 1500 Passenger/watch low x 2000 Stateroom x 3000 Std sickbay x 10 (extra bed) x 100 (medicomp) x 10 (theatre) x 5 (robodoc) x 10 Gymnasium x 1
SUB CRAFT: Shuttle x 10 95 tons Crew 2 TL 9
OTHER:Cargo=4297403Kl/318326 tons, EMLevel=Strong Fuel=1215000 Kl/90000 tons, ObjSize=Large One jump requires 675000KL/50000 tons of fuel Anti-hijack: Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 100000 + passive InfraRed x 100000 + light intensifier x 100000 Schematic display bd x 200 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 200 LPL stungun x 100000 Custom features: Mail x 1

The K-5 bulk carrier is operated by the Koburg Combine, a joint venture between mega and major corporations in the region. It typically operates a known route between multiple stable worlds with significant production and tech level differentials, such that products from one are pretty much guaranteed to be required on the other. Commercial arrangements are usually ongoing contracts between the Combine and the respective world governments rather than other trading organizations or individuals. Due to the rolling nature of the contract, the requirement to transport goods quickly is replaced by continuous supply at a modest speed, with two or more K-5s operating along the same route at different intervals. Although the ship can carry a significant number of passengers and is equipped to handle mail at any given time, the bread and butter that keeps it flying is the enormous cargo capacity. It is not common to find these ships where there is danger of piracy; if they require defending, Korburg will typically field a number of Close Escorts or Destroyer Escorts rather than arming the ship itself.

HIGH GUARD:V4111S4-000000-00000-0
Weapons reflected are highest values.

Using a 500000 ton hull, the Bulk Carrier is a Merchant.
It mounts Jump Drive ?, Maneuver Drive ? and Power Plant ?, giving a performance of Jump-1 and 1G acceleration.
Fuel tankage of 90000 tons supports the power plant for 30 days and one Jump-1.
Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/Model 2/bis.
There are 3000 staterooms and 2000 low berths.
The ship has 5000 hardpoints and 5000 tons allocated for fire control.
Ship's Vehicles:
 Shuttle x 10 95 tons Crew 2 TL 9
Cargo capacity is 318326 tons.
The hull is unstreamlined.
Special Features:
 Mail x 1
The Bulk Carrier requires a crew of 2812
Bridge=80 Engineering=1089 Flight=20 Maintainence=928 Command=352 Medical=120 Steward=223
The ship can carry 1500 passengers and 2000 low passengers.
The Bulk Carrier costs MCr81,876.447

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