Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl)

CRAFT ID:Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl) TL: 15 MCr301,433.291 (Battleship)
HULL:450000/1125000, Displacement=500000, Config=4S, Armour=82G (E), Loaded=4,644,139.07, Unloaded=2,929,444.23
POWER:17333/34666, Fusion-F=4,680,000.Mw Duration=720hrs/30 days Extended Endurance=2886hrs/120 days Scoops Purifiers; whole tank in 12 hours EM Mask
 ExtEnd excludes: (0g)
DRIVES:Jump=4 22500/45000, Avionics-15 190kph Maneuver=1G 9000/18000 Agility=1
Very dense250kph/156mph188kph/117mph
Radio Jammer-Syst x 3
Laser-Syst x 3
Maser-Syst x 3
Meson-Syst x 3
A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 2
P-EMS (IntStlr) x 2
Hi-Dnst-F (1km) x 2
Neutrino-E (10 Kw) x 2
WEAPONS:5000 hardpoints; 5000 occupied; batteries bearing 50 %
    Triple Missile-13 x 1120 in 112 batteries
    Triple Laser-13 x 1120 in 112 batteries
    Triple Sand-10 x 900 in 90 batteries
    100-ton Particle x 90 at Factor-9
    50-ton Fusion Gun x 3 at Factor-A
    100-ton Missile x 90 at Factor-9
  Particle Spinal-T
Missile magazine: HE=50 b/r Atomic=50 b/r Total=1236000 missiles. 1 b/r=12360 missiles
Combat Statistics:
  Laser: Turrets: 9 Bty 112 (56)
  Missile: Turrets: 7 Bty 112 (56) Bays: 9 Bty 90 (45)
  Sand: Turrets: 9 Bty 90 (45)
  Fusion: Bays: A Bty 3 (1)
  Particle: Bays: 9 Bty 90 (45) Spinal: T 1
Nuclear Damper F-9 x 1
Meson Screen F-3 x 1
CONTROL:Computer=Model 9/fib x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 141869 Backup computer=Model 8/fib x 3 Lge holo x 1200 HUD holo x 10496 Basic Env(heat/light Basic LS (air/water) Ext LS (food/recyc) Airlock x 5000 Grav plates Inertial Comp Auxiliary bridge
CREW:Crew=934 Bridge=40 Engineering=396 Gunners=88 Screen Ops=13 Troops=100 Maintainence=149 Command=114 Medical=6 Steward=28
ACCOMMODATION: Stateroom x 1000 Low berths x 100 Std sickbay x 500 (extra bed) x 500 (theatre) x 50 (regrowth berth) x 500
SUB CRAFT: 30,000-ton BR-15 Battle Rider x 3 0 tons Crew 0 TL 0
50-ton craft x 10 0 tons Crew 0 TL 0
OTHER:Cargo=182723Kl/13535 tons, EMLevel=Moderate Fuel=3372300 Kl/249800 tons, ObjSize=Large One jump requires 421875KL/31250 tons of fuel Anti-hijack: Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 100000 + passive InfraRed x 100000 + light intensifier x 100000 Schematic display bd x 200 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 200 Laser rifle x 100000

A radical experiment in warship design, the BZ-15 is a dreadnought-sized vessel with the space normally reserved for a fighter screen given over to hanger space for three 30,000-ton capital craft. Most usually carried are BR-15 battle riders, either Crixus or Oenemus class. Only ten of these craft have been built to date; one was written off by an accident during the testing of the battlerider docking procedure. The remaining nine are deployed in three flights of three at distances of no greater than one sector from Core.

HIGH GUARD:V4413J3-E93900-9AT09-0
Weapons reflected are highest values.

CLASSIC TRAVELLER: Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl)
Using a 500000 ton hull, the Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl) is a Battleship.
It mounts Jump Drive ?, Maneuver Drive ? and Power Plant ?, giving a performance of Jump-4 and 1G acceleration.
Fuel tankage of 249800 tons supports the power plant for 120 days and one Jump-4.
Adjacent to the bridge is a computer model/Model 9/fib.
There are 1000 staterooms and 100 low berths.
The ship has 5000 hardpoints and 5000 tons allocated for fire control.
 Triple Missile-13 x 1120
 Triple Laser-13 x 1120
 Triple Sand-10 x 900
Ship's Vehicles:
 30,000-ton BR-15 Battle Rider x 3 0 tons Crew 0 TL 0
 50-ton craft x 10 0 tons Crew 0 TL 0
Cargo capacity is 13535 tons.
The hull is streamlined.
Special Features:
The Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl) requires a crew of 934
Bridge=40 Engineering=396 Gunners=88 Screen Ops=13 Troops=100 Maintainence=149 Command=114 Medical=6 Steward=28
The ship can carry 0 passengers and 0 low passengers.
The Vercingetorix Dreadnought Battle Carrier (exprmtl) costs MCr301,433.291

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