The group name

What's All This Then?

This is a Traveller campaign, featuring largely a bunch of grognard old gamers (and DM) who had been very used to older versions of the game system. Fortunately, we've found the 2nd edition of Mongoose's system comfortingly similar to Classic Traveller but not quite as overspecialized as our house version of MegaTraveller had become.

As I often do, I started with a pre-written adventure, in this case Mongoose's re-skin of the classic Death Station lab ship bug hunt. This established the characters and set them up with one set of secrets that could make them a fortune and/or get them killed nice and early.

After that we've moved into my own imgaination, for better or worse.

The action has centred on the world Collace, hence the renaming of the campaign to better reflect events. Latterly, with a promise of endorsement from the government of Collace for their purchase of battle dress if they go and get it (to allow embarrasement from an earlier exploit to die down) they are planning a 'road trip' into the Imperium proper, to the Glisten system.


This Session

The adventures begin again!
The Long Walk sets off on the trip from Tarsus to Glisten, stopping at Judice and Talos. Biohazards prove not to be what was expected, and the return of a legend proves not to be what it seems either...

The Gazeteer

This is where I will upload my bullet notes on people, places, names, things that enter the game grouped by star system. The level of detail, presence or absence, or syntax should be in no way interpreted as clues or spoilers.