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Support and CharityWare


All files accessed from this page are 1996-2021 by Hugh Foster and my IP is asserted, if not especially seriously. All mentions of trademarks and copyrights held by Imperium Games, Game Designers' Workshop, TSR, Mongoose or the Paranoia Press - or indeed anyone else - are not intended to be challenges to the respective companies' possessions. All derivative works are intended to supplement and increase interest in and sales of the original products rather than to compete with them. Or put another way I'm not trying to rip anybody, OK?

Following on from that, all the software you will download from this site is CharityWare. That means it's free, gratis, no nag screens, bills, crippleware (unless I've screwed up!) or any of that junk.

All I ask is that, if you like the software, drop 1 (or $1, or 1, or Cr1) into a charity collection box. You'll feel good, I'll regard myself paid for my development work, and hopefully some poor perisher somewhere will get a decent meal.


Here's how it works.

You download the software from my page, and (ideally) follow the instructions I've provided, such as they are.

If you have a problem, or it won't run, or you'd like an improvement, send me an e-mail.

I will have a look at the problem, and if it's straightforward to fix, I'll fix it and send you the fix. If it is likely to benefit others, I'll upload it onto the web page for general download; otherwise it'll go in when I next upload a release.

If it means more work than my job and family can support, I may decline the request for help - after all, it's not like I've charged you anything, after all - but I'll try and offer a workaround if there is one.

Anyone who mails me about downloads from the page is automatically added to the Registered Users list. This means I will mail you when I make updates available - to any of the programs here. If you don't want be on the list, let me know and I'll remove you.