Herla Okvar

(2nd June 2009 - 30th June 2009)
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Herla is tiny, only 5'2" tall, but iron-hard in her convictions. Her faith in the Dark Lord and his inevitable destiny of conquest upon his return is unshakable.

Herla was born in 4842, in the small town of Trelake in what had once been southern Middenheim. Her father, a mercenry captain in a unit attached to the Khuldraqi conquerers, nursed a secret hatred of the elves that had stolen his country, and their religions - to the point of occasional murder, and Herla - his only daughter - grew up shaped by this.

One day, when Herla was ten, the inevitable happened and this was found out. Banner Okvar led his fifty men in a futile assault on a nearby Khuldraqi fort and they were wiped out to the last man. Banner's body was never found, but it is assumed he died in the battle. His family were persecuted, and his wife and daughter fled. Taking shelter in a Malakaran monastary, they disappared from view and escaped.

Herla grew to adulthood in the community of Malakarans, and their doctrine of strength struck a deep chord in her soul. Never again would she be helpless, or a fugitive; she would grow in power and take and hold control, ready to march at the Dark Lord's side when he returned to resume his conquests, so rudely interrupted by the blade of Vetrick.

Herla in the Olshay Range - click it for larger image!

The Malakarans were all Middenheimers, and one of the pieces of lore they preserved from the old days was the art of Heraldry. Young Herla was trained as a herald, learning the intricate dance of noble ettiquette.

When the Malakarian priest Bastinar was sent to the Olshay Range to retrieve the sword carried by Chanra Tal, Herla was amongst the priests that travelled with him, the most junior of them. This saved her life, as she was left behind when Bastinar launched his ill-dated attack on Mevik Zmm and Viscount Taymar.

Herla doesn't make friends easily, but is very loyal to those she does. She dislikes elves, hates Khuldraqi, and loathes Elenians. Her magic use is aggressive and direct; where spells have a healing and harmful option, she vastly prefers to use the baleful variant.

After travelling with Taryn Bzar and Arviel for some time, and having made a serious attempt to interest the latter in the faith of Malakar, she was one of the casualties of the ill-advised assault on Cortesain, guardian of the Promethian Gates.