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GreyChar Revision History




v7.6 Improved reset Some fields weren't cleared properly when loading different characters in a session. Added some code to clear these out before the LOAD process.
v7.5 Weapons in folders The data files for weapons have been moved into a folder called \weapons uner the main folder to reduce clutter. The plan is to move to customizable weapons at a later stage
  Leap Year! The built in Calendar control can't handle 29th Feb. The Character Created Date is now back to being a free-format text field
v6.1 |WEAPONS| token If an export template contains |WEAPONS| GreyChar will export a table of weapon info, but only as many rows as it needs - so one row for 1-3 weapons, 2 rows for 4-6 and 3 if you're Allan and have 7 or 8 weapons. This will remove the need for a specific 3-weapon spellcaster sheet template to make more room for spells.
v6.9 Better Vampyre and Spellbook Changed the Vampyre option so the word Vampyre anywhere in the Race field will trigger the effects. The spellbook wasn't being exported to the \characters folder - fixed
v6.8 Vampyres Race details for Vampyres, if exactly Vampyre entered for Race.
v6.7 MAJOR UPDATE - Folders The character sheet templates have been moved into a folder under Greychar called \templates
The character data files, portraits and output character sheets have been moved into a folder under Greychar called \characters
It is strongly recommended that you create a new folder for this version of GreyChar and then carefully copy any live character data files into the new folder; don't just unzip this one into the folder you used before on top of an older version or you'll get horribly confused!
  THAC0 Added a template token for THAC0 and a table lookup
  Last Character This wasn't remembered for characters 5-8, now fixed so it reloads the last one worked on at startup
v6.6 System Shock and Resurrection Survival These have been added to display for CON values over 10. NB the new data file SysRes.gcd is needed for this feature to work
v6.5 Martial Artist Eligible The box that shows what classes are available on the Stats screen was still showing Martial Artist. Fixed
  Battlemage Weapons The "show me what weapons" option on the weapon screen said TBC for Battlemage; fixed
v6.4 Arms and Legs After Ishtar knows how many years, Chappie happened to notice that the calculation of tolerable HP to an arm was the same as a leg, 25%. Apparently that's wrong and an arm is 20%. Sigh. Fixed.
v6.3 Spell lookups Far too many of the spell data files were named differently to the listings, resulting in failures when the "Spell Details" button was clicked, and gaps in the Spellbook when exported. This has been tidied up so that all the spells now display properly. Except Dispel Illusion which appears not to exist!
v6.2 8 Characters GreyChar can now handle 8 characters, and won't crash if the files aren't there initially.
v6.1 Spell grid beyond Sorcerer The new |SPELLSTABLE| grid wasn't working for Priests Druids and specialized mages.
  Reset override class Reset This Character wasn't clearing the override class box; fixed
  Parental removed +10 milleu doesn't have Parental Background; field concealed
  Battlemage and Barbarian New character classes for +10 milleu added
  Skills beyond 1st When you add XP, the program now automatically runs the "Add skills for my class" option (on the Skills page). If new skills have become available because you levelled up, they'll automatically appear 
  Spell entitlements above L30 Spells-per-level tables extended to 50th level characters
v5.3 Non-proficient Damage Weapons marked NP in the notes were still getting level-based damage. Fixed
v5.2 More! More! Level 50 support After the slaying of multiple gods in one session, Greychar whimpered, so I've expanded the XP tables to cope with levels up to 50, if only to allow for tidying characters up for retirement!
v4.9 Override Class name If your class is something different from what's on the pull-down list (Priest of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Mercenary, Pit Fighter, Ratcatcher), enter it in the Override field, and it will be displayed on the character sheet where |CLASS| is displayed. Leave it blank to use the selected value.
v4.8 Spell entitlement fix Non-Spellcaster characters, if created in a slot which had had a caster last time, were getting "2+1 1+2" and so on displayed on the sheet. This is now cleared for non-casters
  Azimars Enlargement Bomb New spell included
  Trade Parry for Dodge A new skill researched by Rooster [Allan] Brevan, allowing parries to be used as dodges if desired
v4.7 Spell Table output token Using |SPELLSTABLE| in a character sheet template displays a table of spells by level instead of a simple alphabetic list.
  Scribe Scroll If the character is a sorcerer, the % chance of writing a scroll is listed next to Intelligence
  Spellbook simplified The original spellbook output was frankly crap. It now outputs a straightforward list, which can be printed in 2 columns by changing your print settings in Internet Explorer. Why re-invent the wheel?
v4.6 New Spells No change to the program. Spells added: Slow Wildling Taint, Remove Wildling Taint, Tattoo Guardian, Tattoo Familiar
v4.5 Parrying Dagger Experiemental main gauche, same stats as a shield but no attack
  Dodge calculation Dodge (the weapon) was calculated the same as a longsword (Int+Dex+Parrylevel*5) instead of Dex x2+Parrylevel*5, which is how the Dodge displayed under Skills is calculated, so the two were different. This is because the program was still looking for the vanished Unarmed skill. This is fixed.
v4.4 Non-Proficient and Magic weapons Including the letters NP in the Note field of a weapon will calculate it as Non-Proficient; 1 attack and 1 parry, no level-based damage, no Specials
Including +1, +2 etc will add the bonus to Attack and Damage. This goes up to +9, as anything higher is unusual to say the least.
v4.3 Turning for Priests & Paladins mixed The "Add your class's skills" button was adding "Turn undead at Priest Level-2" for priests as well as paladins, revised to "Turn Undead" for priests.
v4.2 Spells sorted The list of Held spells is now sorted alphabetically by spellname. This happens when Add Spell is clicked, so existing characters' spells will be sorted next addition. Add one and take it off to sort straight away!
Skills sorted The list of Held skills is now sorted alphabetically by spellname. This happens when Add Skill is clicked, so existing characters' skills will be sorted next addition. Add one and take it off to sort straight away!
Skills for Class by Level The Add Skills for your Class button would add skills gained by level.. but only if the characger was the exact correect level when it was done. This has been fixed so it will add skills gained earlier if not already displayed
Three more weapons Especially for Allan - and anyone playing an Assassin with Specialist or extra weapons - the weapon grid has been expanded to support 9 weapons instead of 6. Note: At the moment, only the Standard with Weapon Grid template will display these on the character sheet, though you can always add them to your own custom design!
v4.1 Major Release Development restarted and support for Windows Mobile abandoned.  This allows screens to be much, much bigger, and more space for layout of the information and controls.
Note! Older characters may not load completely normally!
  Dodge as a weapon Dodge created as a weapon entry, replacing Unarmed
  Activate Item Percentage for activation of magical items
  Paladin and Ranger Spells Entitlement and bonuses for Paladins and Rangers
  Longbow specials missing Corrected
  Paladin Skills Turn Undead and Lay on Hands added to Paladin standard skills
  De-Grayhawk Remove character classes and weapons left behind in Grayhawk
  Hit point grid Added to the Weapon Grid Template to match the regular one
  Longbow Attacks 5th attack with Longbow not being added at 13th level, fixed
  d12 for sub-Fighters Archers and Riders get d12 hit dice hint
v3.4 Reset weapon notes A Character Reset wasn't clearing the notes against each weapon; this is fixed
  Expandable notes panels Items and Equipment fields on the Notes page now expand and contract like the Description one does. For all those many magical items
v3.3 Ishtarian Katana Technique To support the rules for the new style
v3.2 Location HP values New output tags |HEAD| |CHEST| |ABDOMEN| & |LIMB| added to allow a damage grid if desired.
v3.1 Poison Lore Added the calculation for this skill's percentage
  Throw/Knock This wasn't displayed for the Unarmed weapon. Corrected.
v2.9 Backstab for Thieves Added to the 'Add Skills for My Class'
v2.8 Skills getting no percentages Some of the skills filled in when "Add skills for my class" was clicked were named differently to the ones in SKILLS.TXT (eg Pick Lock instead of Pick Locks), and so didn't show a percentage. These are fixed
  Add skills for higher levels The 'Add skills for my class' option on the Skills page now adds skills gained at the characters level if re-run
v2.5 Armour Suggester This now fills in the type of armour selected if the user accepts the suggested AC
  Excellent Weapons If the letters XL appear in the Note on a weapon, it is calculated as Excellent
  Sword attacks Sword weapons marked *** on the table get an extra attack and parry per 4 levels after


Announce Loaded

A message box pops up to confirm when it’s finished loading

  Knockout blow and Distraction with Unarmed combat Added to the extras for Unarmed
  Crash over 11th The program would crash if the character was higher than 11th level; fixed


How many Dodges?

The Skills list now says if the character has 2 dodges as well as the percentage


Spells in the install kit

Doh! Up to now the spell files have been missing, rendering the spell section of the program unusable. Pillock. This is fixed.


Fix: Disarm and Lightning Draw

The percentage value calculations were incorrect. These have been fixed.


Fix: Crashes with some spell files

If a spell name had * at the end of it (used by Chappie to indicate a customized spell), the program couldn't read the resultant spell file. All the spell tables have been adjusted to remove these. Note - any characters already created and given spells which have * on the end will need those spells removed and added again.


Armour value lookup

A pull-down list on the Armour screen, which offers the user the chance to set his AC from the selected armour type.


5 per 2 not 5.2

Older versions displayed 5/2 attacks as 5.2 on the output sheet, and so on.


Values for specials

Things like Disarm, Stun, Lightning Draw are calculated and displayed on the output sheet. This is a bit of a work in progress!


Fix: Fail to cope above 5th

The box for entering XP points couldn't cope with more than enough for about 5th, so it's been replaced with a simple text field. After entering a new value you have to click 'calc' but at least it does now work


New weapons screen

The original weapon screen was acting inconsistently with how it stored weapon data, leading to all sorts of failures. Replaced with a grid, which also squeezes the weapons onto 1 page again - and will allow space for Excellent and Non-Proficient one day.


Lock menu options while loading/saving

One thing that seems to cause problems is starting work on a character before they've saved properly. The menu options on the Basics screen have been set to disable while this is happening.


Set Spell Points from Magic score

To save Sorcerers having to go back to Page 1 to check their Mag value before setting their spell points on the Magic screen


Busy cursor on save/load

So you don't think it's crashed while it's chunking stuff to and from the 'disk'


Spellbook Output

A fairly simple dump of the spell details for each spell the character has had selected for them, to an .htm file that can be printed from Internet Exploiter


Multiple Output Templates

When you click to Export the character sheet, a choice of sheet designs can be selected from. Instructions in the manual will help you add your own, so you can design a sheet you actually like. A couple of samples are included, one with a smaller picture image, one with only 3 weapon boxes which leaves more room for spells and notes, and one with a parchmenty background for pretty prints and posting on websites.


Notes honour Carriage Returns

For the Description/Notes box (only), line breaks will be ‘honoured’ on the output sheet rather than the text being flowed - so you can create lists in Notes and have them appear 1 to a line.


Enlargeable Notes field

For a better view of the Notes, for those who want to track names like Geoff when they appear.


New Output sheet Tags

|VERSION| will display the version of GreyChar that created the sheet. |TODAY| displays the date it was produced.



Weapons displayed on the screen didn’t update when enough XP was added to increase level



Missile weapons appearing on Output with parries



STI calculated 5% too high



Parries for weapons with P1 at 3rd level calculated with full level not level-2



Missile To Hit bonus calculated with Strength as well as Dexterity



Missile weapon Damage bonus calculated wrong


Spell Details Lookup

Displays the full details for a selected spell


Classes Eligible

Displayed on the Stats screen as the values are entered


Add Skills for Class button

Automatically adds the standard skills for the selected class to the selected list


Initial Release

July 2009