Isirion, Vampire Elf Sorceress

Stat Value Bonuses
Str: 8
Int: 16 +1 Init, Scribe scroll: 80%,
Wis: 13
Con: 15 +2 HP, +1 vs poison, fight for 23 rounds
Dex: 14 +1 missile, -1 AC,
Cha: 18
Mag: 16 Spell Points: 33 Activate Item: 24%
Dice Loc'n HP Damage
01-15 Head 6  
16-45 Chest 32  
46-65 Abd 24  
66-73 R Arm 8  
74-80 L Arm 8  
81-90 R Leg 10  
91-00 L Leg 10  
Level: 8 XP: 229,649 Next: 280,000 Needs: 50,351 Created: 18/08/2015
Hit Dice: d6 Hits: 40 Locations: Hd:6 Ch:32 Ab:24 Ar:8 Lg:10 Languages: Common
Armour: None (2 with sword) AC: 9   Age: 21

Skills: Evaluate 72%, Read/Write , Sense Sorcery 88%, Spellsinger: Clairvoyance 3/day, Superior Hearing, +1 to Surprise Rolls STI: 40% -

Weapon Shortsword Weapon Shortbow Weapon Quarterstaff
Attacks 2 at +0 Attacks 1 at +-5 Attacks 1 at +-5
Damage 2d4+8 Damage 2d6+0 Damage 1d8+0
Critical 20x2 Critical 19-20x2 Critical 20x2
Parries 3 at 60% Parries Parries 1 at 70%
Extras Disarm 38% LD 38% AC2 when held, Alter Self 3/day, 6 hour duration, Lady's Veil [_][_][_] Extras NonProficient NP Extras NonProficient NP
Weapon Weapon Weapon
Attacks Attacks Attacks
Damage Damage Damage
Critical Critical Critical
Parries Parries Parries
Extras Extras Extras
Spells: L1: 5+2 L2: 4+1 L3: 3+1 L4: 2 [_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
Alter Self (So2), Azimars Spell Thief (So3), Charm Person (So1), Clairvoyance (So3), Darkness, 15' Radius (So2), Emotion (So4), ESP (So2), Find Familiar (So1), Fireball (So3), Flaming Sphere (So2), Glitterdust (So2), Magic Missile (So1), Mount (So1), Phantasmal Force (So1), Ray of Enfeeblement (So2), Shield (So1), Spider Climb (So1), Stoneskin (So4), Suggestion (So3), Wraithform (So3),

Description: RH; default Alter Self is me but not vampire
Evolutionary benefit, thin the incautious and weak.
Bolvar Smit, fake demon hunter, dead
Slarren, Bounty Hunter, dead
Blister, Haddon Harbor master
Malderus Knifehand, Haddon Chancellor
Karnak the Unifier, Barbarian King
Duomancer - mythical apparently
Algarthius - the boatman who turns into a tree
Mr Fuckoffanddiebitch, hostile sorcerer,Haddon Court
Elgier Bookwarden - Librarian at Aasimar's, Haddon

Equipment: BP, Bedroll, Tent, Candles, Bandages, Rations, Water bottle, Belt pouch (2), Grapnel, 50' rope, Lantern, Lamp oil, Tinderbox/firestarter, Pen/paper/ink, Scroll cases (2), Cooking kit, Whetstone, Saddle, Feed, Bridle. Very sexy black and red dress. 14gp.

Items: Lady's Veil, shortsword, AC2 when held, Alter Self 3/day, 6 hour duration, 30k. Spell book, kept current. 2 scrolls Magic Missiles, 2 scrolls Flaming Sphere. Scroll of Elgeir's Magic Analysis (L7 grants creator's knowledge of an item; stored in a sealed, waterproof scroll case) Cat familiar, Abbadon (AC7 HP 3+lvl=9)

Created 27/10/2015 by GreyChar v6.5