Haglar Moongold, Human Sorcerer

Stat Value Bonuses
Str: 16 +2 to hit, +2 damage
Int: 16 +1 Init, Scribe scroll: 80%,
Wis: 15
Con: 14 +1 HP, fight for 21 rounds
Dex: 16 +2 missile, -3 AC,
Cha: 13
Mag: 15 Spell Points: 29 Activate Item: 22%
Dice Loc'n HP Damage
01-15 Head 6  
16-45 Chest 30  
46-65 Abd 22  
66-73 R Arm 9  
74-80 L Arm 9  
81-90 R Leg 9  
91-00 L Leg 9  
Level: 7 XP: 130,300 Next: 140,000 Needs: 9,700 Created: 10/03/2015
Hit Dice: d6 Hits: 37 Locations: Hd:6 Ch:30 Ab:22 Lm:9 Languages: Common
Armour: None, Bracer, Stoneskin ____ AC: 4 Parental: House Arakan Age: 21

Skills: Evaluate 67%, Read/Write , Ride , Sense Sorcery 83% STI: 35% Dodge: 67% x2

Weapon Dagger Weapon Dodge Weapon Dagger
Attacks 3 at +2 Attacks 0 at +2 Attacks 3 at +2
Damage 1d6+9 Damage -+9 Damage 1d6+9
Critical 20x2 Critical - Critical 20x2
Parries 2 at 57% Parries 2 at 67% Parries 2 at 57%
Extras LD 42% Stun 20+ Silver, heirloom, 5 generations luck blade Extras Extras LD 42% Stun 20+ Obsidian
Spells: L1: 4+2 L2: 4+1 L3: 2+1 L4: 1 [_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
So1: Change Self, Charm Person, Feather Fall, Friends, Hypnotism, Identify, Jump, Magic Missile, Mount, Shield, Spider Climb, Wizard Mark
So2: Alter Self, Glitterdust, Improved Phantasmal Force, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image
So3: Fireball, Illusionary Script, Suggestion, Tattoo Familiar, Wraithform
So4: Polymorph Self

Description: Haglar of the Thousand Faces
Highly variable; assorted "aliases" with defined descriptions.
Tattoo Familiar on back between shoulder blades.
Target spells: 3rd Spectral Force, 4th POLYMORPH SELF! Fear, Massmorph, Minor Creation, Polymorph other, Shadow Monsters 5th Advanced Illusion, Domination, False Vision, Seeming, Sending, Stone Shape 6th Geas, Mass Suggestion, Mislead, Permanent and Programmed Illusion, Project Image, ?Shades, Veil, 7th Mass Invisilbity, Vision, Clone, Mass Charm, Mind Blank, Polymorph any Object, 9th Shape Change
Scribe Scroll - 5x Int = 80%
-- Semblances --
Galldrian - Wildling, gaunt, pale face, ice-blue eyes
Lyrhan - tall, slender human male, bright blue eyes, blonde
Buclum - dwarf, short, stocky, dark brown hair, black eyes
Matela - black skin, green eyes, bald, strong and bulky, (appearance of) armour and weapons including a dagger
Briann - powerfully built birdman, bushy beard, feathery wings
Tallik - Elf ranger, green brown grey clothes, black hair, grey eyes, hero to the army

Equipment: BP, Bedroll, Tent, Candles, Bandages, Rations, Water bottle, Belt pouch (2), Grapnel, 50' rope, Lantern, Lamp oil, Tinderbox/firestarter, Pen/paper/ink, Scroll cases (2), Cooking kit, Whetstone, Saddle, Feed, Bridle. Silver dagger up each sleeve. Clothes. Waterproof cloak and hood.

Items: Silver dagger, heirloom, has brought luck to 5 generations of my family. Bracelt of Protection +3, 20k. Ring (Leviathan) from Naldron, 100k. Spell notes: Alter 3d4+2/l, Shield 2 thrw 3 fired 4 melee, Mirror d4+1, Poly 2t/level Scrolls: Fireball x1, Polymorph x1

Created 03/06/2015 by GreyChar v4.8