Domfront Fire Dancer, Human Fire Paladin

Stat Value Bonuses
Str: 12
Int: 17 +2 Init,
Wis: 16
Con: 15 +2 HP, +1 vs poison, fight for 36 rounds
Dex: 13 +1 missile, -1 AC,
Cha: 16
Mag: 15 Spell Points: 22 Activate Item: 36%
Level: 21 XP: 2,619,200 Next: 2,800,000 Needs: 180,800 Created: 13/08/2013
Hit Dice: d10 Hits: 186 Locations: Hd:28 Ch:149 Ab:112 Lm:47 Languages: Common
Armour: Plate Mail+Shield, AC 2 with 2H swd, Stoneskin ____ AC: 1 Parental: Orphan, Outlaw Age: 31

Skills: Create and Shape Fire (+1d6 to weapon), Detect Evil, Dodge 131%, Immune to Disease, Turn Undead at Lvl-2 STI: 105% -

Weapon Longsword Weapon Longbow Weapon Greatsword
Attacks 6 at +0 Attacks 5 at +1 Attacks 5 at +0
Damage 1d10+21 Damage 3d6+42 Damage 3d6+42
Critical 19-20x2 Critical 20x3 Critical 19-20x2
Parries 6 at 135% Parries Parries 6 at 135%
Extras Disarm 106% SMB 1/rd Stun 15+ Extras Aimed 40% Kill 15+ Extras SMB 1/rd Disarm 101% +1 Init Justicar
Weapon Shield Weapon Dodge Weapon
Attacks 5 at +0 Attacks 0 at +0 Attacks
Damage 1d6+21 Damage -+21 Damage
Critical 20x2 Critical - Critical
Parries 6 at 144% Parries 2 at 131% Parries
Extras 0 Extras 0 Extras
Spells: Spells: L1: 7+2 L2: 6+2 L3: 5+1 L4: 5 L5: 4 L6: 3 L7: 2 [_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_][_]
Blade Barrier (Pr6), Bless (Pr1), Bull's Strength (Pr2), Combine (Pr1), Create Food & Water (Pr3), Cure Disease (Pr3), Cure Light Wounds (Pr1), Detect Evil (Pr1), Detect Lie (Pr4), Detect Magic (Pr1), Detect Undead (Pr1), Dismissal (Pr4), Dispel Magic (Pr3), Endure Heat/Endure Cold (Pr1), Entangle (Pr1), Faerie Fire (Pr1), Fire Shield (So4), Fire Storm (Pr7), Fire Trap (Pr2), Flame Strike (Pr5), Glyph of Warding (Pr3), Heal (Pr6), Healing Circle (Pr5), Hold Person (Pr2), Meld Into Stone (Pr3), Messenger (Pr2), Plane Shift (Pr5), Prayer (Pr3), Protection From Evil (Pr1), Purify Food & Drink (Pr1), Reflecting Pool (Pr4), Remove Wildling Taint (Pr3), Silence, 15' Radius (Pr2), Slow Wildling Taint (Pr2), Symbol (Pr7), Tongues (Pr4), True Seeing (Pr5), Warp Wood (Pr2), Water Breathing (Pr3), Withdraw (Pr2), Word of Recall (Pr6),

Description: Magnificent, red-headed and burly, prematurely aged to his thirties. Left-handed. 5' 11". Chrono age 21. LOF predominant in the south, is Alsashassa to the elves. "HP" at 17th.
Taglines: "Flames' Blessings" "Go with the Fire". Pray over any started fire. "Blessings on your Hearth", "Flames guide this shaft!", "The Fire burns alike on every hearth." Smoke is "the banners of the Lord of Fire".
Spell quick reference: Bless +1 TH,vs Fear; FF +2; PfromE -2AC, +2 saves, Bull's +2 Str=+2 TH/Dmg, FT=1d4+lvl, Prayer +1 TH DMG Sv, Foes -1, GoW 1d4/lvl.

Equipment: Armour, shield, weapons, helmet, BP, Bedroll, Tent, Candles, Bandages, Rations, Water bottle, Belt pouch (2), Grapnel, 50' rope, Lantern, Lamp oil, Tinderbox/firestarter, Pen/paper/ink, Scroll cases (2), Cooking kit, Whetstone, Saddle, Feed, Bridle, posh Jarnic horse, cloak gloves signet ring for Lord of Fire, map of travelled area. 5 gp, 14sp; 0gp to donate.

Items: Bracers of Fire (d6+lvl) Spell quick reference: Bless +1 TH,vs Fear; FF +2; PfromE -2AC, +2 saves, Bull's +2 Str=+2 TH/Dmg, FT=1d4+lvl, Prayer +1 TH DMG Sv, Foes -1, GoW 1d4/lvl.

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