Prof. Marcus Brody


Marcus Brody

Ric Wiltshire

Codename "Past Master"

A professor of History and Folklore from Cameroon, he's much older than the others but keeps up better than you would expect. His academic leanings have led him to study more deeply in the arcane and occult texts with which the party are coming into contact, and he is probably the group's most skilled worker of forbidden magic.

His willpower was not enough to prevent him being taken control of by Mi-Go however, and does not provide enough energy to cast many spells at once. It's possible this may keep him alive. However, his choice of reading matter seems to be affecting him, and he occasionally displays a ruthless, callous side which even the experienced military figures among the party find surprising.

He is beginning to grasp the basics of the Atlantean and Mi-Go languages.

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