'Lucky' Jake Black


'Lucky' Jake Black

Jenni Moore, Luigi Fidanza, Zac Aimson

Lucky was a career petty criminal in the years running up to the war, but a nasty encounter with something inexplicable combined with a serious misunderstanding with the East End Riggs Gang made London too hot for him. He found himself in Cairo at the outbreak of war, and had just got his little business going nicely when MI6 and Section M came and found him. A choice of sign up or be shot wasn't hard, and he found the training in espionage really rather suited him. He also found he could combine his spy work with keeping his little deals running at the same time.

One night he found something very disturbing beneath a loose floorboard. He put it back, fearing it, but it called to him in the night. He left that house long ago but he can still remember that voice as it slithered across his mind. What did the thing look like? What did the voice say? Can he still hear it?

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