Lieutenant Joe Vandeleur


Joe Vandeleur

Allan Wiltshire

Codename "Bridgeman"

A career soldier from an old Irish family. Extremely fit, he passed through Basic so well he was used as an example to the others. Trained for L Detachment (later to be the SAS), his robust approach to his encounter with the supernatural recommended him to Section M.

Joe was assigned a cover identity as a German Wehrmacht officer for the mission to Italy and proved almost worryingly good at fitting into that role.

The group's primary military operative, he tends to pick up most tasks involving gunfire, weapons, or conflict. He is, however, seldom seen without his umbrella or bowler hat.

Joe, while aware of the nature of what they often find themselves fighting, retains an inner core of denial against the truth; he remains convinced that there has to be a rational explanation for everything that fits the physical and metaphysical laws of the 'real world'.

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