Jimmy Wispa


Jimmy Wispa

Arthur Whitehead

Codename "Birdie"

An up-and-coming young photojournalist from Spokane with a penchant for strange languages, Jimmy was introduced to the hidden world of the supernatural when on assignment.

The ageing hotel was once a grand old dame in the 1920s, and it must have been quite a luxurious place to stay until those fatal events. Now it was run down and barely half of it was habitable. Jimmy was taking some pictures for a story on abandoned buildings when he came across the old ballroom. Whatever he saw inside, and whatever the strange inscriptions were, he has sworn never to go back there again no matter how much they paid him.

When the war broke out in Europe, he followed his conscience and enlisted in the British Army, with his talents getting him posted to North Africa as a signaller with occasional duties analysing aerial reconnisance photographs. It was there that SIME contacted him on behalf of Section M and recruited him as an agent.

He has little experience with most weapons beyond his basic training, but is pretty handy in a melee.

After several adventures with the team, Jimmy unfortunately mistimed a jump between two railway trucks in a tunnel under Italy and fell under the train; the team perforce left him behind. He had indeed died under the wheels - but the changes wrought by the team's trip to the dim past of Atlantis removed the entire train heist from history, and Jimmy is now once more alive.

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