Jack 'Egypt' Dorset


Jack Dorset

Jenni Moore

Obsessed with Egyptology from an early age, he met and worked briefly with Howard Carter before the latter's death in 1939. Since then he has signed up to any expedition to Egypt that will hire him, and has already gained a reputation as a master explorer and translator. His personal theories linking Egyptian Gods, heiroglyphs and the positions of the stars are less well-receieved. After several experiences under pyramids, he joined up in the run-up to the war and was commissioned to Captain in the Paras. Then, inexplicably, he was posted sideways to this peculiar outfit called "Section M".

"You were supposed to be helping evacuate named individuals and their equipment from France before the Germans arrived, but no-one said anything about a lorry load of books and a mad priest! Why do you think the Allies wanted him? How did you, and the priest, survive that journey? What book did he give you as thanks? What did he tell you to do with it?"

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