Gregory Snickers


Gregory Snickers

Arthur Whitehead

Codename "Matchbox"

A slightly chubby, acne-ridden fourteen-year-old with a tendency to pyromania, uneducated but frighteningly, unconventionally intelligent.

He was on a school trip, and unwisely ate a sweet offered to him by a strange man. This triggered a series of visions, including one he is convinced shows his own death as an old man, on fire in the middle of a fancy party. When he awoke, Gregory was in the middle of a battlefield in Poland, completely naked apart from some fluffy socks (which he still has). He slunk into the slums of Gdansk and spent his time tricking or hypnotizing people into giving him their food and belongings before being discovered by Prof. Richard Deadman and recruited to Section M.

Despite his slight form he was more than strong enough to hold and use his Browning automatic, Nicholas Smarties, and was extremely accurate with it. He had a strong gift for hypnosis, using it to enhance several prisoner interrogations.

In an attempt to explore an extremely deep vertical shaft below the ruins of Makhren Jirma outside Cairo, Gregory attempted the thousand-foot climb down a smooth rock surface. He was wearing a parachute in case things went wrong but when he slipped, he banged his head, rendering himself unconscious for the duration of the fall to his death.

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