Cyril Boston-Flint


Cyril Boston-Flint

Steve Donohue

Codename "Spook"

A parapsychologist from the Gambia, drafted into the Intelligence Services on arrival in Britain before his transfer to Section M. His favourite curse of "Banana!" is distinctive.

Considerably younger than his fellow academic Marcus, Cyril has something of an eye for the ladies. He also has a rather surprising practical side, with considerable skill at repairing things. His hobby of boxing comes in handy when he comes into close quarters combat.

Cyril has taken some particularly bad knocks during their adventures; his mouth was magically sealed up by a Nachtwölfe commander's spell and had to be (fairly crudely) reconstructed, and he has been shot through the chest with a Mi-Go disintegration beam, only surviving the latter thanks for healing magic provided by Anné.

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