Back-Pocket Adventures

The Back-Pocket Adventures

The idea here is to provide something to keep Chappie's game group rolling when he's on holiday or unable to make Tuesdays. The original Redcliff sessions were taken from a published mini-module and inserted into Alair as a one-off tournament, with pre-rolled 5th-level characters provided randomly.

When the chance to return to Redcliff arose, some of the PCs were returned to the monastary they'd become responsible for to pick up 6 months later.

Since then, the characters have become rather attached to the village on the Desolation Marches and have settled down. Unfortunately, trouble seems to have followed them home...

Cast of Characters

Race Class Player
Ismyr Crandoc
Human Bard Pete
Human Cleric Ben
Neidric Bear-Rider
Dwarf Fighter Luigi
Human Sorcerer Steve
Twenty Ocloth
Gothmog Pandemic III
Slitheren Ratman Sorcerer Chris
Dwarf Cleric Allan
Elf Bard Richard

Click here for the 3rd Edition rules (the SRD)
Additional House Rules can be found here.

The Redcliff Chronicles

  1. The Temple of Redcliff sessions 1 & 2 - in which a village haunted by the temple it feared to rebuild after it was destroyed by raiders has its mystery solved and its mayor slain, and is righteously rebuked...
  2. Trading and Bleeding - with Redcliff now under the PCs' control, three of the party make the first moves towards building an alliance with their neighbors. On returning, they find a town touched by a nameless fear...
  3. Midwife of Blood - following a mixture of deduction, instinct and strange smells, Galacaeien, Lotheemas and Twenty Ocloth track down the hidden killer in Redcliff and serve justice upon her...
  4. The Siege of Redcliff - The winter of 1626 is not yet over when a band of orc reavers descend on the village, putting its' new fortifications and resident heroes to the test...
  5. A Bear on the Stairs - With the attack on the village repulsed, the heroes respond to the plea for assistance from the farmers unlucky enough to be in the orcs' path. An epic struggle ensues...
  6. Burning Down the House - Despite some property damage, the last of the orcs are dealt with, and the party turn to thoughts of improving Redcliff's defences to prevent this happening again...
  7. The Man Who Was Too Good - A month later, the unexpectedly rapid improvement of the new town militia raises the group's suspicions...
  8. The Shard and the Devils - Pursuing the robbers of their temple to a cave in nearby hills, the party plunge into the darkness and confront a terrible foe to retrieve the stolen holy talisman...