Back-Pocket Adventures - Dalethorpe

The Back-Pocket Adventures

The idea here is to provide something to keep Chappie's game group rolling when he's on holiday or otherwise unable to make Tuesdays. The campaign will be episodic, probably run at long intervals as need arises.

The setting is Chappie's Iron Realms world, though in a quiet part of the world a long way from Rings and Kings and Dragons. The system is Chappie's, but I have invented stuff like crazy to try and keep myself from whimpering for the loss of the 3e detail I am used to...

All the PCs have an "heirloom", a Chappie-system bonus ranging from a magic weapon to sorcerous powers to a genetic disease. This is giving every PC at least one power or bonus they absolutely shouldn't have, and causing chaos. Eeeexccelllent.

Maps page now available here.

Cast of Characters

Portrait Name
Race Class Player
(other pictures are available!)


Fighter Allan
Darmavan Wolfheight M Human Barbarian Laurence Horsfall
Benedicta F Elf Paladin of the Light Lizzie
Ozymandias M Human Assassin Ric Wiltshire
Kry'Ojenix M Dwarf Battlemage Aimo
  Baron Irarj Ren-Yen Clea M Dwarf Ranger Zac
  Sergio M Dwarf Barbarian Ric Whitehead
  Trixis Shadom M Dwarf Paladin of Korsta Arthur
  Rellik M Elf 'Ranger' Chappie
Siân F Elf Archer Maddie
  Spike M Human 'Fighter' Pete
  Viesental M Elf Sorcerer Steve
Additional House Rules can be found here.

The Slain

Portrait Name
Race Class Player Fate
  Rative M Elf Cleric of Air Steve 29/3/16 head bitten off by a hezrou demon
  Brellmone M Human Cleric of Nolat Zac 2/2/16 gibbed by a Possession Demon
  Gamaros M Elf Fighter Lizzie 12/1/16 killed by demon monks
  Skewkild F Human Sorcerer Ric Whitehead 12/1/16 killed by demon monks
  Karsen F Elf Ranger Arthur 12/1/16 killed by demon monks

Part 1: Black Monks of Dalethorpe Abbey

  1. Farm Raiders - in which the PCs return to a well-known village to find it troubled by bandit attacks. Naturally, they immediately start to investigate...
  2. The Dark Secret of Dalethorpe Abbey - after tracking the corrupted villagers back to the north road, the PCs visit the Abbey to warn the monks and try to recruit their aid against the demons. Gradually, it dawns on them that something is not quite right!
  3. Battle at the Abbey - With the cat out of the bag and the party split into three groups, the possessed monks of Dalethorpe Abbey transform to their demon forms and converge on the PCs from all sides. An epic struggle ensues, and not everyone survives. Actually, I don't think I've ever killed this many PCs in one session in thirty-three years of DMming...
  4. Grave Markers - The party meet a spirit sent to protect the church of Calerea, and discover that the cause of the trouble is lurking in the graveyard - and was more than a match for anything the monks could do
  5. Demon of Possession - His defenders defeated, the demon who's caused all the trouble comes to deal with the invaders.

Part 2: Mandalar's Tower

  1. Knight and Castle - In which Tallan and Kry'Ojenix, accompanied by their two new companions Siân and Baron Irarj Ren-Yen Clea, follow up on the leads they have discovered to the perpetrator of the attacks.
  2. Mandalar's Tower - The party finally gain entrance to Mandalar's tower and begin to investigate what demons lurk within
  3. Demons and Gates - Reaching deeper into the tower, the party encounter more of the demons that have got through the Fistula.
  4. Unintended Consequences - Siân's foray into the Abyss has attracted unwanted interest from some of its' inhabitants, and the party must defend themselves.
  5. All the Way to the Top - the party encounter the strongest demon of those which have escaped into the world, and the resulting fight has some more unintended consequences...
  6. Rescuing Mandalar and windup

After something of a struggle I have realized that a table of up to eleven players is too much for me, and regretfully I'm closing this campaign. I did enjoy it a lot though; thanks for playing, and thanks Chappie for lending me your seat!