Round Two

With the dust only beginning to settle on the opening fixtures of round one, the final match up of the round saw the Lamprey Lightnin’ make the trip to Iron Rock to take on the Greenskins. And the match began in dramatic fashion with the Iron Bowl enclosed in a swirling blizzard and tensions in the crowd reaching fever pitch. As the temperature in the air dropped, the temperature in the stands reached boiling point and erupted into a fully fledged pitch invasion which left players from both sides in crumpled heaps. And no sooner had the pitch been cleared, and the Lightnin’ received the kick off, the Greenskins matched their fan’s fervour with some on field pyrotechnics of their own by exploding a mine beneath the Lightnin’ defensive line. Through the resulting gap ran Greenskin Thrower Morgrim Bolgrot who carried the ball into the end zone to score the only touchdown of the first half.

The second half began with the Greenskins receiving and quickly working the ball out to Blitzer Ogluk Irongob who made off for the end zone. Hoping to put the game out of reach, Irongob went for it in the final yards only to trip over his shoe laces. The Lightnin’, having regained their composure after a rocky first half, regathered the ball through Thrower Sigmund Bolflinger who found Catcher Olaf Panzermann. Panzermann then skilfully worked his way through the Greenskin defence to score the equaliser which saw both teams settle for a point.

So with the round one results completed, the Ironbeards were sitting pretty at the top of the league, well, as pretty as a bunch of hairy dwarfs can look, and the league moved onto round two where the first match saw the league leaders travel to Skavenblight to take on the Sons of Roland. 

The Sons, recovering from the recent demise of Gutterrunner Fangburn, got off to a lightning start with a touchdown from mercurial Gutterrunner Cheesethief who scurried into the end zone much to the delight of the home crowd. Receiving the resulting kick off, however, the Ironbeards worked an equalising score just before half time through Runner Barrun Bluntheart and both teams went into the sheds with one touchdown apiece but with the casualty count for the Skaven rapidly mounting. 

The second half saw the Ironbeards take the lead early on with Bluntheart scoring his second of the match, and third of the campaign, before his fellow Runner, Runbar Broadgrip scored a third touchdown late in the day to put the result beyond doubt. With this second win of the league, the Ironbeards cemented their position at the top of the table whilst the Sons withdrew to lick their wounds. With two linerats dead and three further players missing the next game, the Sons’ squad has been bolstered by no less than five journey-rats and captain Cluny the Scourge will have his paws full preparing the team before their round three visit to Lamprey to take on the Lightnin’.

The second match of round two saw the Broekwater Buccaneers host the Iron Rock Greenskins with both teams looking for their first win. The Buccaneers elected to receive the first kick off and began an attacking move down the Greenskins’ left flank only for an early turnover to allow the Greenskin’s defence to surge into the opposition half. The Buccaneer’s ball carrier was quickly engulfed by a wall of Black Orcs and Blitzer Morgur Nogcrakka took possession before rushing over the line for the opening touchdown of the game.

With injuries taking their toll, the second half began with the Buccaneers reduced to 8 players on the pitch and they soon conceded a second touchdown from the rampant Nogcrakka which, with the clock ticking down, effectively ended the match as a contest. Time did remain, however, for lightning quick Buccaneer’s catcher Hagen Schawer to take a pass from league leading passer Eckel Reiss but the catcher wasn’t quite able to get free of the Greenskin defence to register a score for the home side. As it was, the game ended with a shut out and a convincing win for the Orcs.

The final fixture of round two will see the Lamprey Lightnin’ host the Tomb Titans before round three sees a top of the table clash between the Iron beards and the Iron Rock Greenskins in a game that will decide who tops the league going into round four and, crucially, which team is the true champion of ferrous metals.