Round One

Greetings sports fans! With much fanfare and anticipation, the Northern Wastes Blood Bowl League is under way!

The first match saw the Tomb Titans host the Sons of Roland in a topsy turvy affair that featured flair play and fouling in equal measure. Receiving the opening kick off, the Sons made it clear from the off that they intended to throw caution to the wind and play with the “Horned-Rat may care” style for which their coach Hugh ‘Dr Safety’ Foster is famed throughout Skavenblight.

Despite going toe to toe with a Titan’s defensive line stacked with bristling Tomb Guardians, it was the Sons who would notch the first score. Thrower Darkclaw, under significant pressure, pulled off an extraordinary pass straight into the waiting paws of star Gutter Runner, and fan’s favourite, Cheesethief who nimbly dodged an exploding mine and scurried his way into the end zone to send the visiting stands into squeaks of delight. Undeterred, the Tomb Titans began the next drive in ominous fashion. A misplaced Sons’ kick off saw the ball touched back and safely wrapped up in the bandages of Tomb Guardian Beeti who set off for the end zone with as much pace as a shambling, mummified undead guardian of a Pharaoh’s soul could muster. Despite the best efforts of the Sons’ defence, Beeti had no intention of being stopped and the Titans scored what would be the final touchdown of the game. An honourable draw was secured, paws and bones were shaken, and both teams returned to the dugout to pick through the carnage, which included the untimely death of Sons’ Gutter Runner Fangburn.

Match two saw the bearded loveliness of the Ironbeards and the swashbuckling bravado of the Broekwater Buccaneers clash in a highly anticipated match up. The Dwarves opted to receive the first kick off and, in front of their Bugman’s XXXXXX fuelled fans, Runner Runbar Broadgrip, equipped with an overly engineered catcher’s mitt, positioned himself behind a screen of Blockers and Troll Slayers. The Buccaneers were unable to stop Runbar’s drive and they soon found themselves one nil down. Urged on by their visiting fans, the Broekwater offence kicked into gear and only a last ditch rear guard action from the Ironbeards prevented Blitzer Anshelm Fiegler from scoring shortly before half time. As it was, as the whistle sounded, both sides headed to the sheds with the Dwarves one touchdown to the good. Fresh from a halftime ear bashing from their head coach, the Buccaneers proceeded onto the pitch with a new found nautical swagger and proceeded to notch the next score of the game. Thrower Eckel Reiss, throwing one of this three completions of the match, finding Catcher Hagen Schawer who enjoyed a clear run in to the end zone to level the scores.

With little time left on the clock, however, the Ironbeards were confident that the next score would seal the win. The Dwarves’ offensive drive soon splintered the Buccaners’ defence and Runner Barrun Bluntheart, having received a hand off from the mercurial Runbar Broadgrip, was able to find the space to run for the line and scored the final, and crucial touchdown of the game. As the referee signalled the end of the game, the Ironbeards were victorious by two touchdowns to one and shot to the top of the league. For the Buccaneers they consoled themselves with a swift swig of grog and a long journey back to Broekwater. 

The final match of round one started in ominous fashion as the blazing sunshine and free promotional Bloodweiser encouraged the fans of both the Warpstone Wanderers and the Lamprey Lightnin’ to invade the pitch and attempt to beat up the players of the opposite team. Once the dust had settled, the game began and it rapidly appeared to be going in only one direction. After kicking off the match, the Lightnin’ soon robbed the Wanderers of possession and scored a comfortable touchdown. On the next drive, the match continued to swing the way of the Lightnin’ as a Wanderers’ offence, featuring four Gutter Runners, failed to secure a break through whilst more and more rats were being carried to the wrong end of the dug out. The writing was on the wall, the fans were leaving in droves and the Wanderers coach was tearing his fur out. It all ended in dramatic fashion as the remainder of the Wanderers side scurried off the pitch never to be seen again and leaving a bewildered Lightnin’ side without an opponent to play. As the Wanderers collapse forced their withdrawal from the league, the Lightnin’s, well, lightning quick start to the season counted for little as the match was scribbled down in the record books as a friendly.

So dear readers, onto round two of the league. The withdrawal of the Wanderers now sees the league six teams strong and the Lightnin’s round one fixture will now be played at a later date against the Iron Rock Greenskins, the Orc team forced to sit out the original round by the cruel design of the roster writer.

Round two proper, therefore, will see the table topping Ironbeards take on the Sons of Roland, who will be itching for a win, or maybe that’s just the mange. With both sides looking to secure their first win, the Lightnin’ will host the Titans and the Buccaneers will take on the green tide of the Iron Rock Greenskins. So with one match down there is everything to play for!