Round Eight

Greetings sports fans! And welcome once again to another thrilling round up of the action in the Northern wastes Blood Bowl league. You join us in round eight as the league races towards the conclusion of the regular season and the play-off picture is beginning to take shape. And I know we here at Northern Wastes HQ are often prone to over excitement but… what a collection of matches we have for you this round!

Sigmund Bolflinger pulling the strings for the Lightnin’

The first match up saw the return fixture of the Ironbeards against the Lamprey Lightnin’. The first meeting of these teams back in round five saw the Ironbeards run out 3-0 winners and brutal dwarf blocking caused the untimely demise of the Lightnin’s star Ogre Arnie Dumpkopff and top scoring catchers Olaf Panzermann and Rik Rickenbacker.

Since this set back, however, the Lightnin’ have gotten their season back on track with a win against the Buccaneers and confidence was high in the camp as they made the journey to the heart of the World’s Edge Mountains. And they would be right to be confident as this time they would be accompanied by Josef Bugman in the dug out, Griff Oberwald and a mercenary ogre on the pitch, and a burning desire for revenge in the heart of each Lightnin’ player!

The match began with the Ironbeards electing to receive the opening kick off and the Dwarfs duly got into their groove with league leading touchdown scorer Runbar Broadgrip crossing the white wash mid way through the first half to give the home team the lead.

Josef Bugman

With Bugman busy on the sideline dishing out tactical advice and mugs of XXXXX in equal measure, the Lightnin’ received the next kick off and moved quickly to level the scores. Living up to his billing, star player Griff Oberwald blitzed a hole through the Ironbeard’s defence, in the process consigning Troll Slayer Kreler Coalfinger to the medical shack, and allowing Thrower Sigmund Bolfinger to find Tomas Hitzelberger in the open. The Lineman duly cantered into the end zone to score his first touchdown for the Lightnin’ and level the scores.

The second half began with scores even at one apiece and the Lightnin’ receiving the kick off. Slick work on the ball soon saw the Lightnin’s one and only Catcher, Alfred Biarritz, grab his first touchdown for the team after fine work by Thrower Dieter Von Spikedorff. And as the second half drew to a close it appeared as though the Lightnin’ would see out the match for a fine 2-1 win. But this is Blood Bowl and things rarely go that smoothly.

Blood Bowl and rioting go together like ten pints of Mrs Scroggin’s Amber Enema and a sore head.

Firstly, the Ironbeards hit back with a quick fire equalising touchdown through the mercurial Runbar Broadgrip. Secondly, the visiting Lightnin’ fans, full to brimming with Bugman’s wares, stormed the Ironbeard’s stands, the pitch, the dugouts and, well, anywhere else that looked like it could benefit from a good storming.

The Lightnin’ return to Lamprey with a win under their belt and a place in the play-offs confirmed.

As the clock ticked down towards the end of what had been a pulsating match, there was one twist left. With the Lightnin’ on the offensive, Thrower Sigmund Bolfinger sat behind a crumbling Lightnin’ offensive line looking frantically for an outlet for the match winning touchdown. And who should run clear of the Ironbeard defence? Only Blitzer Ludwig Panzermann, the brother of the deceased Olaf. Catching a pin point pass from Bolfinger, Panzermann crossed the end zone to silence the home crowd and bring an outstanding match to its conclusion and with all three points heading back to Lamprey.

The second match of the round saw the league leading Iron Rock Greenskins host the Sons of Roland, the league’s lowliest placed team. And the Rock Bowl was truly rocking as the home fans anticipated a win high in both Orc touchdowns and Skaven body bags.

The game began with the Greenskins receiving the kick off and the ball quickly finding its way to Goblin Skarsnik the Foul. Briefly contemplating teaming up with Troll Bolgar Grugluk in order to take the aerial route, Skarsnik remembered how badly that had ended against the Titans and opted for a running play behind a wall of Black Orcs and Blitzers. And, despite a fierce defence by the Sons, this proved to be a sound call as the Goblin crossed the end zone for his second touchdown of the season.

With an early Greenskin score on the board, Hugh ‘Dr. Safety’ Foster, Head Coach of the Sons, set his team up for an immediate response and a statement of intent. Thrower Darkclaw fielded the kick off in the deep and scurried forward to hand off to Gutter Runner Nozkhi Bekona. The Kiselvite import quickly spotted a gap in the Greenskin line and promptly set off like a rat out of Hell. Evading the flailing Greenskin defence, Bekona skipped, scuttled and scurried his way down field and into the end zone to rapturous applause from the away fans! And with the half time whistle, both teams headed to the sheds with the Sons more than holding their own (coo-errr - Ed).

Skarnik’s attempt at an aerial touchdown against the Sons ended up with an extended stay in the infirmary.

The second half began with the Sons receiving the kick off and looking to take the lead. Whilst their attack soon stalled and turned the ball over to the Greenskins, their defence proved to be far more formidable. Mercenary Blitzer Bluetooth, cousin of Sons regular Redtooth, badly hurt an Orc Blitzer whilst Line Rat Skitterbolt Ogrebreaker expanded his repertoire by breaking Troll Bolgar Grugluk. In spite of these set backs, however, the Greenskins maintained their attacking shape and were able to restore their lead through Blitzer Gorguth the ‘Orrible.

With the second half well under way and with the scoreline once again favouring the home team, the Sons launched another stunning play with Bekona once again featuring heavily. Picking up the ball and sheltering behind a cage of Line Rats, Bekona broke clear of the Greenskin defence and threw a pass to Journey Rat Gouda who took the catch cleanly and scurried into the end zone to draw the scores level!

From zero to hero - Journey Rat Gouda makes a name for himself.

As the contest entered its dying moments, and with the Sons looking like they would hold out for the most unlikely of draws, the Greenskins mustered one last move which finally broke both the dead lock and the hearts of the Son’s fans. Blitzer Gorguth the ‘Orrible once again smashing his way into the end zone to seal an incredibly hard fought 3-2 Greenskin win but with the Sons heading home with their tails well and truly held high.

The final match of the round saw the Tomb Titans play host to the Broekwater Buccaneers. Coming off the back of an away draw against the Greenskins, the Titans were looking for a win to keep pace with the Ironbeards and the resurgent Lightnin’. Whilst for the Buccaneers, the recent defeat to the Lighnin’ had seen their play-off hopes wither and die but they had plenty to play for to ensure a 5th place finish.

Verte-Bray - the leading scorer for the Titans

The match began in ominous fashion for the Buccaneers. Kicking deep into Titan territory, Annointed Thrower Verte-Bray gathered the ball and tucked in behind an advancing wall of Tomb Guardians led by Beeti who quickly consigned two Buccaneers to the attention of the scab lifters on the sideline. Unable to stop the Undead “Rib Cage” rumble down the pitch, the first half saw Verte-Bray score and take a 1-0 Titan lead into the second half.

Northern Wastes HQ gearing up for the playoffs!

The second half ran to a very similar script for both teams. Early Buccaneer possession was overturned by aggressive Titan’s pressure despite Ogre Ogrot the Slavering adding a casualty to his burgeoning reputation as a player you do not cross lightly. And with both a 1-0 lead and the ball in hand, the Titans played out the clock as Annointed Thrower Tom-Ee-Coo-Pah carried the ball almost the full length of the pitch and into the end zone to see out a 2-0 win for the Titans. With this win the round eight fixtures were concluded and the play-off teams, if not the order, all confirmed. Round nine would see the Buccaneers play host to the Ironbeards, the Titans host the Greenskins and the Sons take on the Lightnin’. See you next time!