Northern Wastes 2019

header 4bc9c0e4-d0b0-4c0c-a6e9-31e558639992  The referee is prepared to take no nonsense! c620c2aa-dbf2-4704-b87a-bbb57181f9f3  Foreground, the Hambleton Hotdogs running rings around the Sons of Roland; in the background, the Lamprey Lightnin' vs the Iron Rock Greenskins 60f42889-d8aa-42f6-9920-5eee05c8e145  The Hotdogs serve up the Sons for breakfast
38949e53-ebe4-41d1-a62b-54e348cf3e4d  The Greenskins vs the Lightnin' - bit of a pile-up in the middle! 7735791f-03a5-41a5-999a-3b994ca93639  The Ironbeards vs (not sure my eyes aren't good enough!) 857185ba-8b70-4634-bd51-53587a802f3b  The Sons of Roland vs the Tomb Titans in Round 1, a draw in the end 9c34e534-381f-472d-959b-3132ab283558  Midway through and very nearly every last rat flat on his back!
c26d133c-e80c-47e7-bf27-3e2322bab00d 73499daf-5bf8-4700-9824-2dc3f8c8cdef  Ironbeards vs the Buccaneers 09b4d656-1bda-460f-980d-d8b76dbb96ec  Same game but with a different pitch? 43d8491c-b12c-4499-931e-4175315cced6  Buccaneers and Ironbeards standing side-by-side just as if they didn't want to murder each other
20191201 141447  Round 3, and Cluny looks as if he's gonna get flattened by the ogre 20191201 151437  An intense tussle, typical of this blistering game, as Cheesethief briefly has the ball before being knocked out - again 20191201 153305  Lamprey Lightnin' Greek Dancing moment 20191201 164654  We few, we band of squeakers... the surviving players of the Sons of Roland after Round 3