A Brief Introduction

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Alair Returns
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Alair Holy Wars

Alair originated in 1998-99 as a fairly simple gameworld concept; imagine a world where a totally evil dragon, on a scale to be a force of nature, rules most of the kingdoms. Humans are slaves and elves are wiped out (as far as the players know). Offspring of the Dragon and other races -the Kin - form his aristocracy, all powerful, all different. The PCs would then become involved in a long rolling series of quests to locate one sword of a set that could possibly defeat the dragon. The adventure was planned to be called The Seventh Sword and the system was intended to be RuneQuest III.

Then, in 2000, D&D 3rd Edition appeared. Being a collector of game systems, I bought it and read the rules, and loved it. Everything I'd ever fudged with homebrew or grumbled for the lack of in D&D before was covered with some elegance (possibly excepting the Grappling system...). The decision was taken, and the adventure was redrafted into the new system.

I'd envisaged it as a short campaign, but it ran, and ran, and ran. Eventually I admitted defeat trying to run a game at around 53rd level and we played something else for a bit. Then I restarted Alair with a new party 50 years on from the first. That ran even longer. Evidently something works in this mix. There have been some spin-offs since, and a fourth campaign which didn't really work.

Now the time has come to return to the Fields of Alair once more...