Great-grandchild of the sister's gibbon's friend of the nephew of the Campaign that Would Not Die, now in 3.25e
Møøse Trained By: Hugh Foster

Major NPCs in Tzallis

Dalyn Sunlance, Magistrate

Age 34
The post of Magistrate has changed in the years after the fall of the Kingdom.  Although the title is the same, the actual role has become more that of hereditary village headman. Dalyn is a good administrator but aware that his authority is weak in the city much less outside it, and the forces moving against it have him deeply worried.  His son, Rethuor Sunlance (Age 19), is known to be young and idealistic.


Age 937
Calagainbor is an elf who came over from Viridor in the invasion but declined to settle in Belamir after the fall of Varkar. He wandered down the coast and settled in Tzallis, content to study his sorcery and assist the magistrate in exchange for being left in peace. When dragon struck in 1913 he refused to fight it and withdrew to his tower, concealing it magically, though it still casts a shadow. The surviving population never forgave him, but fear has prevented any attempt to drive him out. He has not been seen outside his tower since, and is generally referred to as “the Black Wizard” or the “Craven Mage”.

Roderic, Constable

Age 57
The post of Constable is also now a memory of what it was and Roderic knows well what he can and can’t do.  He and his police patrol the lighter parts of the better-off districts of Tzallis and tackle regular crimes; but they don’t annoy the Thieves’ Guild, Mageguild or Black Wizard. His Deputy, Tharlan Redfinger, is as ugly as a hammer!

Gorris, Guildmaster Mage

Age 47
Gorris is the head of the tiny Mageguild and everything he does is coloured by living in the shadow of the Craven Mage, whose abilities none of them can match. No Guild member has ever been accepted by Calagainbor for training.


Waterwalker, Thieves’ Guildmaster

Age 28
Waterwalker is the master thief of Tzallis and her guildsmen lord it in the underworld of Tzallis. What her arrangement is with Daney no-one knows, but while mercs will defend patrons from thieves, they will not attempt retrieval from or retribution against the Thieves Guild. Oddly, the Thieves' Guild also runs the only orphanage and school in Tzallis.


Ewis Daney, Mercenaries’ Guild Master

Age 22
The Sellswords hire out to anyone in Tzallis with the coin – though they decline anything that’s just an outright assassination, and won’t cross the Thieves. Body and caravan guarding are more their bread and butter.  Guilded fighters cost 5sp a day, which is pricey, but they have a reputation for being hard as nails. Their facilities are also available, for a fee, for fighters to practice, and they sell training of a good standard.