Logs 18: The Death of Setram
Logs 17: House Wedrith
Logs 16: Assassins in Lossal
Logs 15: After the Fall
Logs 14: The Fall of Vorsand
Logs 13: Turmoil in Vorsand
Logs 12: The Elf Hammer
Logs 11: The Magic Eaters
Logs 10: Lord of Dragons
Logs 9: Amberlan II
Logs 8: Amberlan
Logs 7: The Fae Mhor in Tarlanor
Logs 6: The Blood Snake
Logs 5: Khabra
Logs 4: Under Assault
Logs 3: The Ruins in the Trakar
Logs 2: Loose in the North
Logs 1: New Beginnings
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