D&D 3rd Edition
Alair II

A Note from the DM

This concludes the Alair Campaign, for the time at least. The internal forces drawing the characters in their own directions have increased to the point that they have less and less reason to operate together as a classic "character party"; and the towering power levels of the game have progressed beyond my ability to comfortably manage.

I feel like a change. A bit of a break, few weeks to get my breath back. Then Traveller beckons, and beyond that, maybe more RuneQuest, maybe something else we've not tried.

One day, though, player characters will walk the fertile soil of Alair once more, probably about a hundred years from the current date. Surya, Sack and Hildraft will contribute to the world those characters find by email and one-on-one, and it will be the richer for it.

I hope you all enjoyed this campaign as much as I did (any lurkers out there?) 'cos I had a blast. Thanks for coming. Here's hoping the next one's as good!

- Fozzie, September 21, 2005.

All Good Things.... the end of this campaign

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