Star Gate

I'm sure you've all seen MGM's series, Stargate, or at the very least the movie, nothing new in the concept, lets face it according to Hollywood, humanity has been there, seen it, opened a burger joint, killed all alien lifeforms (including supporting actors - never wear the red shirt) & been home in time for tea, but in my humble opinion Stargate gave it a kick up the arse, well at least the first couple of series did, after that it started to get a bit samey.

It did inspire me sufficiently however to combine its off world mayhem/we come in peace theme with another favourite of mine, the Cyberpunk RPG system. I stopped running AD&D years ago, although I still enjoy participating in games run by others, in preference to the Runequest system which remains a favourite of mine, i.e. its use elsewhere in the Sundered Realm & numerous other games & campaigns I've run, however having run a couple of 21st Centuary/futuristic adventures in the Cyberpunk world I figured it'd work pretty well for a Stargate scenario.

The one problem I had with Stargate was that really they, the characters, would have an endless supply of technology, support, firepower grunts etc to cater for their every whim & thus render most situations a piece of cake, so after the first venture through the gate, which was blatantly based around the TV series story line, I decided to tie their hands behind their respective backs.

Having just watched a fantastic film called "28 Days", it wasn't really very hard, send em' off world, leave the latch off, put up a big sign saying "we're here" & hey presto catch a nasty cold. So one story line later they're holed up in the bunker with limited resources & the world's inhabited by raving crazies, only place left to go is the gate, fantastic.

Conveniently in story line 1, Abydos, they effectively found a Stargate address book written in ancient Egyptian - corny as hell, but it's only a game - and it now means that I can send them anywhere, anytime, anyplace - makes life as DM so much simpler. So there we have it, JJ, Gomez, Schultz & Kapek supported by Bo Didley aka Catflap & seventy or so other miscreants are free to range the unknown universe causing, no doubt, trouble & mayhem, where ever they go.

So I hope it makes sense, if it doesn't, well tough really, its fun runnin' & hopefully playin' it.