Beer & Bikes

I suppose that I can blame this one on my brother & brother-in-law, well the bikes at least. When I was a kid, about eight or so, we lived about 200 yards from my school, Button Lane Juniors - cute or what - anyway my big brother, had a step thro' & for one glorious summer, when Mum was at work, he'd pick me up from school & buzz me around for 20 minutes or so, street cred or what, alas it didn't last more than the summer as Dad came home early one day & went ballistic.

Not long after my big sister's boyfriend allowed me into the sidecar of his Triumph, it was ace, I was hooked, the rest is history.

Over the years I've had a fair number of bikes, Triumph's, BSA, Harleys & Jap's off all shapes & sizes, there's been a few MCC's on route as well as my fair number of rally's & custom shows. Most bikes have generally had one thing common, they all tended to end up black &/or a bit ratty.

The big kickstart for me was when I went to Sunderland Poly in 82' & I bought my first copy of BSH (still got it) it was ace, then AWOL came along, all bikes from then on gradually evolved into, well to be honest tatty copies of what I drooled over in those glossy pages, the bikes, not the scantily clad girlies, well sometimes the scantily clad girlies.

After SPAM (Sunderland Poly Amateur Motorcyclists) came
Warrington MAG, then joined MAD, discovered my first
MCC, the Spread Eagle at Ashton-under-Lyne, started a club, Thick as a Brick MCC, did Kent Custom Show, the Bulldog Bash, the Farmyard Party, Rock an' Blues, Demo rides, Scroungers, 623, Patriots, got a life, moved to Buxton, discovered hardtails, joined Moorlands MCC & there it ended, well, sort of, half the club ended up going backpatch & things, well things happened,

Moorlands is no more & my hardtails slowly rotting, but for what its worth it was a good trip, made some good mates on the way, had fun, got stoned, & well, who knows what tomorrow brings, it may bring war, any old war or if I'm lucky something loud, nasty & probably black.





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