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Who are Ace and The Dog?


The Authors at Kent!Ace and The Dog are, respectively, Allan Wiltshire and Hugh Foster. That's us over there; Allan's on the right and I (Hugh) am on the left. The names refer to our all-time favourite Traveller characters, Ace and The War Dog.

The TABMCC patchWe met a very many years ago, went through school together, and learned most of life's lessons side by side, the majority of them involving beer. We were founder members of a bike club - Thick as a Brick MCC - of which more, later, on the Bikers' page.

TSRTSRWe also discovered roleplaying games. We first started off playing AD&D, then branched out into Stormbringer, RuneQuest, and of course Traveller.

From the word Go we were prone to create and use house rules, and naturallyAce and The Dog Unpublications progressed into writing them up - first on typewriters, then on computer systems as these (and our interest therein) developed. Maybe one day I'll post my Sinclair Spectrum AD&D character generator here as a curiousity!

As a laugh, we started calling ourselved Ace and The Dog Unpublications; when the chance came to post stuff into CompuServe and later on the Internet, this seemed the logical label to apply to the operation


You can reach me at my email address, as shown below to beat the spammers...

Allan now has his own page, and that can be found here
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Ace and The Dog Unpublications