Gordon Brooks


There was an awful lot more to Gord than gaming, and better speakers than I have already put them into words far better than I can. As this website of mine is mostly concerned with gaming, however, I'm going to say a few words here about the memorable creations Gord produced during his time at the table.

I couldn't count the number of times he made me laugh out loud. His characters could be funny (oh, boy, could they be funny!), inventive, surprising and full-on. The ideas and concepts he came up with could really lift a game session and leave legends in their wake. Who could forget Dwarven Featherfall, or Lizard onna Stick, or No Witnesses? Or landing a spacecraft on its' roof, or a silenced snub pistol loaded with HEAP....?

He was forever convinced that the dice hated him, though many times the rolls were better than he believed - no less than twice he clobbered the Boss Monster of the entire campaign with a mad lucky double-natural critical roll when no-one expected it, just to blindside everyone's expectations.

He came and played whenever he could possibly make it. I won't say he never complained because half the fun for all my players is winding up the DM by complaining about anything and everything, but he was there when it counted and it was a joy and honour to run games with him in them.

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